Type 1 Diabetes - Returned To Duty?

Are there any Type 1 diabetics who have been returned to duty following the IPEB? My package has been with AFPC for over 3 weeks. I do not wish to be retained. Should I worry?

Background: I‘m an active duty USAF member who has been in 9 years/7 months. I work in a primarily medical admin position. PCM (provider) stated I can still be effective on job. CC recommended retirement.


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I've been on the med board for type 1 since October of 2016, which mine took longer due to fact I'm an AD Marine on an SDA assignment, which was processed through and Army base that had to mediate back and forth . I was found fit for duty yesterday, after 9 1/2 yrs of service. When the board looks at finding you fit or unfit two major things take in effect 1. You Non medical assessment. 2. Your impact statement. Because wanted to stay on I had a really good NMA that was in my favor to stay in, and I wrote a impact statement as well as got recommendation letters a ll the way up to a full bird. In your case your MAN needs to reflect that you no longer wish to continue service and explain why , which your commands needs to concur.
Thanks alot. My CD recommended separation/retirement. My current timeline is below.

Active Duty USAF 9 Years/7 Months
7 Sep 2016: Hospitalized for Hyperglycemia
17 Nov 2016: Code 37
22 Feb 2017: PEBLO Initial Interview & Briefing
31 Mar 2017: NARSUM submitted to PEBLO
25 Apr 2017: CC Letter submitted to PEBLO
28 Apr 2017: AFPC recommended Full MEB
23 May 2017: Met with VA Military Services Cooridinator
5 Jun 2017: C&P Exam started
30 Jun 2017: C&P Exams completed
13 Jul 2017: AF IMT 618 signed by board members
19 Jul 2017: AF IMT 618 signed by me
21 Jul 2017: Signed package sent to AFPC for IPEB
27 Jun 2017: Received myPERS letter stating IPEB under review
TBD: IPEB Decision


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Oct - Diagnosed/ER for 3 days
Mar - VA Appointments
Apr - fInished all appointments with VA
June - Signed VA findings with PEBLO
August -Received MEB offer of 60% DOD/80% VA
Projected retirement - end of October

The main advice I can give anyone is find out the treatment plan that works for you. I would reccomend a DEXCOM G5 CGM. My life has been so much better since i received the system. BY the way, I don't work for DEXCOM.