Unusual deposit from VA before scheduled disability payment


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Hello all, wondering if anyone else has experienced this.. have been trying to get ahold of the VA 1 800-827-1000 but still busy at 8AM apparently.

I'm 70% VA and was discharged July 30, 2017. I've been receiving $1,481.48 every month like normal. Recently I added a new claim for a condition my VA Hospital found that was ongoing during active duty. According to eBenefits, status is decision letter was sent to me and my disability has changed from 70% to 80% according to eBenefits, but the claim isn't finished yet so I'm not sure if that's an error on eBenefits or not. I look at my Navy Fed account and it shows a pending deposit for $506.29 PPD VACP TREAS 310 XXVA BENEF. Still nothing pending for my usual $1,481.48 so I'm getting worried there was an error. Still trying to get ahold of the VA Benefits and Services.


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Often there are adjustments made when an approval is made near the processing month cutoff. However, your case does not seem to fit. The amount you cited is not the diff between 70 and 80% for veteran with spouse for one month...nor two.

Recommend you wait for the official award/decision and the clarification. This is another case where eBenefits causes confusion rather than clarification. Of course, there are many excellent features as well.


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I actually just got off the chat on eBenefits and a lady named Penny told me they sent me a decision letter that explains the deposit and that I will still receive my usual payment in a few days. I've been trying to do the math and I can't come up with anything.


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Hey man just wanted to know when you received your first payment. I will retire on 30 April 18. I filed my claim 180 days before discharge and I have already been awarded 70% according to Ebenefits website. I have also uploaded my DD214. My effective date of my claim is 2 APR 18, and the VA said that the letter was mailed. Any info would be appreciated.
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