VA Net payment amount offset


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Assuming less than 20 years, NON-combat:

Per DFAS im entitled to $864/mo

VA claim is 90% and wife and 3 kiddos - 2189.68

My benefit summary letter says my current monthly award is 1325.68 (2189.68 - 864)

I sent a message to the VA chat, and the tech kept talking around my question not able to answer anything.

As it was explained to me during IDES process, if VA was greater than the DFAS amount, the retired pay would be waived in-lieu of tax free VA monies. Obviously this is not the case?

Or should i just wait till the 1st to see if things pan out?



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First of all Thank you for your service to our country!

I was put on TDRL in October 2014 and after getting a few checks from the AF I opt'd to have all of my retirement money given to me through the VA instead of a a check from the AF and another from the VA. I found that the VA is tax free and I did not have to claim it as income, where the AF it would have been taxable income. I signed a form and have gotten all of my money through the VA since. Also ensure they have all of your dependents on your award and you are compensated based on the VA rating you were given with dependents.


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Copy that, once February 1st hit my stuff flipped over to 100% Va payment. The letter of benefits shows the correct amount and my RAS I get in the mail says VA waiver now.
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