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All about three months ago I was sent to the VA War Related Illness & Injury Research Study Center (WRIISC) in Washington, DC after all my VA providers could absolutely not figure out what was wrong with me. I experienced a very serious and rapid decline in physical health involving numerous etymologies after a VA hospitalization about a year ago for 7-8 days. I began complaining of symptoms about a week out of the hospital. Nobody took me seriously. I continued to decline until I basically conned one of my VA providers into getting me in to see a neurologist. The neurologist, actually was the only one who took me seriously, and ran numerous blood tests. He actually thought I had Lyme Disease. As it turns out I had a completely different issue that required, and he recommended Mental Health address immediately, as well as recommending I see a rheumatologist as soon as possible. First I will discuss MH- MH refused to see me immediately. I had my psychologist and others try to get me in all to no avail. Eventually, I wrote VA SEC McDonald and my congressman- within days, I had a MH appointment and had all my meds changed. Also the Chief of Staff of my local VA system was supposedly personally tracking my case- which in actuality was actually nothing more than lip service to the powers that be. Well as it turned out, my med change fixed the issue that the neurologist found, however I still continued to deteriorate at a very rapid rate. I ended up in the VA emergency room numerous times, and eventually had to have a "handicap placard" issued along with a cane as my balance would go out for weeks and for three straight months I could not drive for two weeks out of every month. I tired vainly to get in to see a rheumatologist, which you think would be easy considering the Chief of Staff was supposedly tracking my case, but that is not at all what happened. I had to wait four months to see the rheumatologist, as our VA system only has one serving over 16,000 veterans- believe it or not. In the interim I went to see a Infectious disease doctor, and they also found nothing. Furthermore, I saw audiology and had balance testing done. When I went to see ENT for results all they told me was I had an infection in inner ear that should resolve on its own, and at first did not even know how to find audiology test results. (More on that later!) As time went on not only did my ear continue to hurt but my jaw as well. Went back to see ENT and they put me on a massive dose of predizone for a week. It was the first time in over 7-months I actually felt good for about 4-weeks and could actually leave my house to get out and about- which I really had not done much at all since this all started. However, after 4-weeks, my ear and jaw started hurting again and my physical symptoms reappeared. I was diagnosed with TMJ and given injection twice. Finally, time rolled around, and I got to see the VA rheumatologist. He spent over two hours with me, and went through all my labs since 2012. He found among other things that I had, had blood in my urine for over three years that the VA never told me or tested me for. He also spent about 1/2 hour discussing the effects of the illness I was hospitalized for and its effects on both the brain and body- he even looked in a data base and said I had every symptom listed. He then tested my for fibromalygia- and when he pushed certain places on my legs I about collapsed in pain. He then concluded that I did I have fibromalgya and bursitus. More on this later.

Well after about this time I had my phone interview with WRIISC. It was a social worker and neuro-psycholgist that interviewed me. It felt like a CIA interrogation as they knew my whole military and medical history- I actually wanted the social worker to stop asking questions and just ask me what about me she did not know that she wanted to know, but I had to play the game. Furthermore, the neuro-psycholgist tnever asked me one question, which I found exceedingly odd except at the end if I would volunteer for some testing as he had some interns to train. I agreed. Of note- they asked me how much I smoked and how much coffee I drank, I told them as I have told all my local VA providers, the same thing. The interviewer said she was extremely concerned about this- which set off warning bells in my head, immediately, but once again I said nothing.

Now to the interesting part, 3-days before I was supposed to leave for WRIISC the VA rehumatologist, previously mentioned, called me about 1930 at night, believe it or not. He said I have good news, I read the neurology note from six months ago and you do not have fibromyalgia- your problems are all caused by your MH meds- once again I said nothing. The next morning I secure messaged the neurologist and told him what the rehumatologist said. He immediately fired a note to the rehumatologist and said that was not at all what he said. Now mind you- this rehumatologist, that spent two hours with me, and told me I had blood in my urine for three years not only put in my notes that I had only had blood in my urine for several weeks, and failed to mention at all the 1/2- hour conversation we had about all the effects of the illness I was hospitalized for. Furthermore, as I have mentioned in other posts, he accused me of taking Drano in a separate note- which the interviewer from WRIISC actually questioned me on, believe it or not.

I am now ready to leave for WRIISC, after spending about 4-hours filling out all the questionnaires they sent me, outlining my combat experiences and environmental exposures, which are numerous, to say the least.

I am dragging on so will, cut to chase at this point. WRIISC really did nothing to me that my local VA providers did not do. As a matter of fact two things- the neuro-psychologist second guessed everything I told him that had already been proven and verified by numerous other providers over the years and fully documented in the extreme. Second, after another staff member telling me I was the first veteran they had seen with as much actual real combat experience as I had (provided letters by a former 3-Star, 2-Star, Full Colonel, and two majors- documenting and confirming my experiences in OIF in the heart of the Sunni Triangle) all they would come back to is coffee and cigarettes- as my problem. (See attached.) Oddly, enough the only person at WRIISC that listened to me, and my valid recommendations was a PHD pharmacist. Furthermore, and I have looked, they did not check my blood for caffeine nor nicotine levels.

I sent the attached report to all my local VA providers as soon as I got it and they were in total disbelief and shock. Oddly, since I have been back several of my providers have refused to speak with me or even implement the valid medication changes recommended.

Thanks, to the efforts of Jason Perry, I am not now bound to the VA system. I have seen several civilian providers and here is what they have said. First, I showed VA audiology report to civilian ENT- he immediately said, the report showed I had a 30% weakness in my ear, that was most likley causing my balance issues- something you think the VA would have told me long ago. Next another provider, checked my blood specifically for caffeine and nicotine levels, less than a week and a half after I was back from WRIISC among other things- and my caffeine and nicotine levels were all within normal limits. However, my white cell count was still all over the place. Totally unsolicited by me, this civilian doctor, said she was 100% sure I had some kind of infection, not in my blood but in my tissue as a result of my hospitalization a year ago, and if it was not that it was something I picked up in Iraq.

Currently, I am yet again under the care of one of the best civilian infectious disease doctors in my area and am on a very heavy dose of anti-biotics. Oddly enough I am starting to feel normal again slowly but surely.

Here is the real issue with WRIISC: on paper the staff look like medical Einsteins- see below link to their resumes:


However, if one were to do a little more digging on some of them you would be surprised at what you would find is all I am going to say.

I will post original WRIISC note at a later time, however one can draw their own conclusions from my story/experience at this point in time.

All will say- is if this option is ever offered to you I would personally advise considering other options before going this route.

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Now for more on this issue:

First folks might be interested in the following recently posted news article:

"Veterans drop hundreds of empty pill bottles in front of the White House"


The reason I posted this is for two reasons, and I will not express my personal belief on medical marijuana use:

1- I have had days and weeks over the course of the last year that every muscle and joint in my body hurt so bad I was almost in tears, literally could not do anything at all physical, and could l could not even get the VA, as recommended by a US military MD I saw, to provide something as simple as Tylenol with codeine to provide some relief, despite even telling the VA very explicitly and in no uncertain terms I did not want anything stronger as I have personally witnessed the tragic aftermath of veterans, due to no fault of their own, getting strung out on VA prescribed pain killers.

2-While at WRIISC, I once again expressly requested of the PHD Pharmacist I saw, if there was any way at all to cut down on the number of medications/pills I was taking daily and literally his jaw dropped. He said I was the very first veteran he had ever interviewed that had requested this, as most all others requested the exact opposite.

As I have stated previously, the local VA did nothing, however my new civilian doctor has actually managed to do this and am currently popping less than 1/2 to 2/3 the pills the VA had me on and remarkably also feel much better.

Now back to WRIISC: while at WRIISC they did do lab work and here are two things they did find that nobody informed me of and looked into, that I will now have to have my civilian doctor look into, yet again:

a) UROBILINGEON Result: 2.0 High Reference Range 0.1-1 What this means via an internet search:

Low urine urobilinogen may result from complete obstructive jaundice or treatment with broad-spectrum antibiotics, which destroy the intestinal bacterial flora. (Obstruction of bilirubin passage into the gut or failure of urobilinogen production in the gut.)

Low urine urobilinogen levels may result from congenital enzymatic jaundice (hyperbilirubinemia syndromes) or from treatment with drugs that acidify urine, such as ammonium chloride or ascorbic acid.

Elevated levels may indicate hemolytic anaemia (excessive breakdown of red blood cells RBC ), overburdening of the liver, increased urobilinogen production, re-absorption - a large hematoma, restricted liver function, hepatic infection, poisoning or liver cirrhosis!!!!:(

b) Urate: Result: 6.4 Refrence Range 3-9

Notes: Target treatment for patients with gout is <6.8- so I am borderline for gout as it turns out

So once again, I will have to have a civilian doctor re-check my urine and figure all this out and all this was done by the supposed "Medical Einsteins" at WRIISC!:eek:

I had intended to post the original report- that shocked just about everybody at my local VA, and was going to type it out however do not feel like doing that so will eventually get around to posting it as I fully believe everybody needs to see this fine piece of "artwork," handcrafted by the supposed best and brightest in the VA.

However, before I actually get around to doing that, and I cannot prove this, but I have done some things since returning home that most likely resulted in/forced WRIISC into actually having 2-3 entire 30-60 minute staff meetings, with their entire staff, on me and severely revising their findings, oddly enough!

I did not survive Iraq because I could not do fuzzy math and put two and two together, and did while in Iraq, as I was supposedly informed by the right people, have a 200,000 to 250,000 US Dollar price tag placed on my head by the insurgents ! So obviously I did so, ething right to warrant that kind of attention!

More later.:)

I hope anybody following this thread, who is smart enough, is starting to get the drift, of what actually occurred in DC, for no known reason!

Happy veterans day all- and my heartfelt appreciation to all the actual enlisted troopers out there, who were boots on the ground every day and night, and were the ones who actually made stuff happen and in a lot of cases paid a very high price for it! This country owes you, in particular, more than you will ever know or even receive, sadly for your sacrifices, and as it turns out now for a completely lost cause. I salute you all!:cool:

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Notice- I do not want to give anyone false or misleading info about me that could possibly be inferred from any of my posts.

I was nothing more than a run of the mill 11A/48C-who did the job asked of him to the best of his abilities, nothing more nothing less, and returned from Iraq with all body parts, no metal, and alive just due to shear dumb luck!

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Also- I happen to be a Veteran who has had to fight it out tooth and nail from day one for over 8-years with the VA to get absolutely any kind of somewhat decent care! In my VA health system any care I have actually received has been sole-ly due to relationships I have established with VA staff, who actually really made things happen for me after I had completely exhausted all available avenues a common veteran can access, and just about given up.

Now that I am no longer wed hip & shoulder to the VA here are some lessons gleaned from my sordid 8-year history with the VA:

1) You actually do have to in some shape or form have to play doctor yourself- you need to personally review all your labs, tests, notes, and anything the VA does on you for red flags or anything that does not look right- look it up on internet and then ask the VA hard questions about it- which they do not like in anyway shape or form. If need be, and you have the ability, get a second civilian non-biased medical opinion. Oh by the way it is just not me saying you have to actually do this but also numerous ex-VA medical personnel, I happen to know.

2) The VA only few times in 8-years, of its own accord referred me to a specialty clinic. I actually had to request it myself just about every time, and oh by the way every time I did they amazingly found something wrong.

3) If filing a major claim with the VA and you get denied- immediately hire a very reputable VA law firm to represent you, do not try to appeal yourself or use the available free services provided by some veterans organizations. Ultimately, at some point the VA will lawyer up on you and the only way you can fight a legal team as big as the VA has is with your own law firm! After, the VA did this to me a couple of times I had a flash of genius one day, which I rarely have anymore, and did this. Amazingly- everything everybody, VHA and civilian related, who knows my situation, says I should have had from day one with the VA- I know finally have after 7-long and very, very frustrating years.

4) Writing Senators and Congressman has very little effect in reality- district dependent of course- the VA actually blows these guys off on a routine basis- specifically the Regional Offices, believe it or not, or feeds them a line of you know what, and its case closed, because unfortunately these elected officials staff members are not VA attorneys, fully well versed in VA regulations, and truthfully nor should they be, and the VA knows this and exploits/ takes extreme advantage of this fact every chance they get. There are work rounds to this issue as there are other elected/appointed government officials you can contact, but would only recommend utilizing them in very extreme cases- as this eventually results in undue attention down the road, and remember a lot of VA employees are there until they retire and have very long memories.

5) My final point- trust absolutely no one implicitly at the VA. This includes other veterans as well, that you do not personally know. Be cautious of what you say and do at any VA facility you set foot on because you really do not know who is actually listening and watching. Remember any offense committed on a VA facility, perceived or real, is a federal offense by nature and the FEDS have over a 98% conviction rate-which in and of itself is scary. The internet is actually rife with examples and tragic stories of this- look it up if you do not believe me! This includes calling the VA and specifically the VA suicide hotline: last year alone 6-veterans nationwide are now doing jail time for things, in a fit of rage or out of sheer frustration with the VA, they said on this hotline and in even some cases apologized for immediately after saying them- there was a whole series of news articles on this. I know veterans that have been simply talking on the phone about VA related issues around other veterans and where contacted out of the blue by other veterans clear across the country they did not even know on social media- in some cases within hours.

Just my two cents and lessons learned- the hard way, in some cases, not only by me but numerous other veterans I know.

I really hope this helps somebody.
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As promised here is redacted report all who sent me to WRIISC, were in complete and utter shock about:

upload_2015-11-12_15-49-34.png upload_2015-11-12_15-47-27.png

As one can see, for multiple people who supposedly spent well over 6-hours pouring through my records they got a lot of things wrong.

1st- when I met head DR this individual told me specifically to stay on meds for time being the rheumatologist placed me on.

2nd- as I have already discussed my lab work was actually much less than perfect and I now have to go yet again have some of it redone.

3rd- I have never slept more than 3-4 hours consistently at one time since my return from Iraq, unless I was on enough sleep meds to kill a horse- and which oh by the way they have discovered over the years I cannot take because they cause me significant mental side effects, along with other certain classes of medication.

4th- as stated previously, I have not been able, despite wanting to desperately, do anything at all physical as it causes me excruciating agony, and other issues for 2-3 days afterward and has since I have been out of hospital in DEC 2014. I actually have been a fanatic gym rat since I was 18, and was an absolute physical animal when I deployed to Iraq- actually that was, in part, why I was selected to do the job I was assigned. Furthermore, up until DEC last year I was a regular at my local gym.

5th- the only physical therapy I have ever done, that has actually helped me in any way, shape or form, was for my wrist and forearm, mainly after surgery. As a matter of fact my local VA orthopedic told me no physical therapy at all was going to help my previously know other physical aliments, and actually had me discontinue.

6th- if caffeine and cigarettes were my main issue, why did they not test me for this- a major oversight I would say, at the very least. At least I have ruled this out myself with the help of my civilian providers.

Bottom-line: a lot was overlooked, swept under the carpet, and basically total you know what. As really up until DEC 14, other than being grossly overweight, as a result of meds I was on (my former VA shrink actually showed me a graph in the VA system that actually correlated my weight gain to the medications I was on at the time) and having some very bizzare mental issues I have never had before, I actually had somewhat of a normal regularly functioning and active life. Also of note I weighted roughly 275-lbs in OCT 2014 and am now down to around 209-lbs without doing anything special at all to lose weight- i.e unaccounted for weight loss. Actually, up until OCT 2014, despite my best efforts nothing I did could make me lose weight and I sincerely tried everything, except for losing about 5-lbs every now and then that I would immediately put back on. These people actually put in my records that I had lost all this weight over a two year period, which once again is completely and utterly false and even backed up in VA computer data base.

So my humble advice to all of you out there- is to really, really, mull over fighting to get into this program and it is a fight, not only for you but your VA providers as well, and do some serious research and digging on the internet on your own, as previously stated, before you consider this a viable course of action, to figure out anything that might be inexplicably wrong with you, and has your local doctors stumped.

I could go on but I think everybody, gets the point by now! At least I hope.

Thanks, for anybody who took the time to read all this, as I think as a former officer it is my sworn duty to inform anybody about anything at all hokey going on within the VA system that could potentially have disastrous and lasting impact on other veterans care and other VA related issues.

God bless all! And it is true- there are no atheists in foxholes!

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Yes, thought would update- today, thanks TRICARE, and NOT US DVA I have been officially diagnosed with “Fibromyalgia!” GO US DVA- Gulf Coast VA/VISN-16- Dr. PJS, and WRIISC Washington DC! Also, rheumatologist, asked if feeling in my hands and fingers ever return- answer no, as has gone way to long!!!!!!!! NO SURPRISES There!!!!!

Also. oddly, took, and showed rheumatologist my EMF tester, Meterk Model MK08 (Amazon.com), in his office, some light switches and power outlets worse readings than my house, but not like another local DR's Office exam room- where in middle of exam room it kept going off “forever!”- and readings all over place! (Claimed "old Building!") One power outlet in exam room, when alone went way off the scale, and then tried show nurse-simply nothing-odd! Not smart enough on this yet, but common-sense dictates this is not correct- that a “charged” plug-in outlet should register way high, and then suddenly nothing, zero/zilch???!

Sad that it would be very foolish of me to try and get service connected for Chemical Allergies, as well as Fibromyalgia, teeth, etc….. as who knows what the uS DVA would in fact do with my ratings?????? LOL,LOL,LOL

Also gave rheumatologist copy book "Radiation Nation," as well as "Chemical Sensitivity" by Dr. Sherry Rogers…. Said was going to look into…..?????

Well just thought I would update folks an what to kind of expect from the US DVA and their supposed "best" and brightest......

Hope this actually helps other's by sharing my experience's......????????????

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Thought I would Post here as well for "Continuity's" Sake, from http://pebforum.com/threads/express...a-all-vets-retirees-out-there-question.42879/

Well, well, well, I just went to PU my "fexofenadine HCL" my allergist called in. With, the awesome co-pay for 92 Tablet's it was $46.95, and store said something about not carrying behind counter anymore.... not quites sure as did not get it all....hummph????

Now- if Express Scripts had this in "stocK" it would be free or even from the US DVA it would in fact be free..... how is all this possible??????

Like, previously stated, this is simply ONE medication and one "medical" condition out of countless Veterans' and retirees deal with....... most of whom are on a fixed income??????

Odd, as well, as walking thought heard a "call" to prayer in Arabic..... talk about a flash-back- as was stationed in "down-toen" Balad Iraq, next to 1,000 (+) year old Mosque we had to protect from both Sunni and Shiite's from blowing up. Had to listen to "call" to prayer 5-times a day- talk about "psychological warefare" as told person behind counter when picking up medications.... Said they had never heard it, and told them basically, have to live the "dream" to understand...... and if I never hear another as long as I live will be too soon!

Surprisingly, Alabama, is a "clandestine" 'SANCTUARY STATE' and some groups, like Judicial Watch, I believe, are supposedly getting ready "sue" State Attorney General over.......???????

Oh well guess we veteran's and "retirees' simply need to keep "marching-on" like the "Ants" in "You-Tube" Video "The ants go marching one by one song" at

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pjw2A3QU8Qg

I would like to say I am surprised by this but after dealing with the US DVA now for very long time, very little "shocks" and or "surprises" me anymore, however I must admit- on occasison they still manage to and not in a "good" way.......


And it simply seem's via ex-DVA employees, one can never truly escape them either...... (gulf Coast VA actually at one time had a member of Senior Management from the Social Security Administration, and if not mistaken was Head of Social Security Payments..... heck currently even have guy from Alaska- supposedly in charge a lot there, whom been told by VA Employees themselves was on "short-Leash".... but yet still remains?????)




Well, as previous thread, I hope this "mystifies" some folks as it does myself..... and hopefully spawns debate in the "right" circles..... as band Kansas sings "Wheel in the sky keeps on turning..... (Perhaps some of those "teenager's" trying run Governor in Kansas, if elected, could figure this stuff out, to a somewhat better degree????? Just a thought......)

PS: As mentioned in other post's those veterans and other's "artistically" inclined the Fairhope, Alabama Arts and Craft's Festival is occurring March 16-18, in Fairhope Alabama and people all over the country and world attend. See below links:



Given, Fairhope-Daphne-Spanish Fort, as previously stated is per "capatia" one of the "wealthiest" areas in Alabama, might be good opportunity to pick up a sponsor or two?

(PS: One really wonder's how much Hollywood and other artist's reall get right as IAW "The Mythical Creatue's Bible" by Brenda Rosen- like in the Movie "John Wick," "Baba-Yeaga (sP)" is in fact real Russian Fable, as well as Movie "47-Ronin" - "Obake and...Kitasune"- are real Japaneses myth's....interesting????)

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All- am posting here for several reasons, chiefly is this should have been a dead issue long, long ago and to inform Veterans’, as many on this and other website’s/forums have difficulties not only with the US DVA etc… but local community and associated entities…, Home Owner PTSD…. or "HOA Syndrome"

From previous Thread Above:

Thought Post here as well as those utilizing both VA and civilian need to ensure they keep their medications updated both parties, but good luck US DVA: (http://pebforum.com/threads/my-turn-for-guess-the-pts-ratings.42847/ ) [Also- http://pebforum.com/threads/express...a-all-vets-retirees-out-there-question.42879/ and http://pebforum.com/threads/possibl...-perhaps-better-experience-than-myself.42787/ as well as http://pebforum.com/threads/new-res...-atlanta-georgia-super-hot.42897/#post-199104 ]

Thought provide example of why one must check on their medications with all "Provider's," and in particular the one's whose "sandbox" a medication really falls under:

So as one can see I have to simply get back with my Rheumatologist..... for medication reconciliation.....??????? Yeah-Haw
As mentioned in other Post’s on this forum, I have been “guest/hostage” of Federal-State Government and sadly, because my local community is known as an “author’s” paradise, etc… and has built in and well-established propaganda mill < “Pravda” have experienced so many issues it is beyond belief….
Among them is my “house” I tried to “renovate” largely to the way it should have been built in the “first” place as per City Building Inspector, could no tell where- IAW State Law, etc.… I believe, no “pre-occupancy” inspection was eve done by the cIty….. Alos, Had numerous issues with the Home Owner’s Association, who got the City involved in form of Law Enforcement etc….
Oddly, my “contractor” folks had to file police report as one of their employees was almost run down with a vehicle…etc…..

IAW my Realtor, who is attempting to “assist” me in selling this house….. they are well aware I, in addition to everything else, have “home-owner’s” PTSD, that IAW Ward Lucas in “Neighbors at War: The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowner's Association” (at https://www.amazon.com/Neighbors-Wa...TF8&qid=1518854287&sr=8-4&keywords=ward+lucas ) in Appendix D “HOA Syndrome” describes in detail. I actually contacted Mr. Lucas to verify this was real, and yes, it is very real, several thousand folks a year suffer it, and some-sadly- commit suicide because of it!!!!!!! (Also IAW paper's, etc..., Veteran's much, much more distinguished in COMBAT on behalf of the NATION than myself, getting into issue's with HOA's/POA's across the USA for simply flying an American Flag in their front yards......???????)

So, with, crud in my jet’s in DR. prescribed “jet-hot-bathtub” for pain management I cannot get out, and now having to deal with this “fibroymaligai” issue, that should have been handled long ag, one can see what a lot of “disabled” veteran’s and retiree’s are in fact put through for their “self-less” service to the nation, and supposedly keeping the “wolf” on “foreign” shores…….

Hope THIS assist’s other’s…….

PS: As mentioned in other post's those veterans and other's "artistically" inclined the Fairhope, Alabama Arts and Craft's Festival is occurring March 16-18, in Fairhope Alabama and people all over the country and world attend. See below links:



Given, Fairhope-Daphne-Spanish Fort, as previously stated is per "capatia" one of the "wealthiest" areas in Alabama, might be good opportunity to pick up a sponsor or two?

(PS: One really wonder's how much Hollywood and other artist's reall get right as IAW "The Mythical Creatue's Bible" by Brenda Rosen- like in the Movie "John Wick," "Baba-Yeaga (sP)" is in fact real Russian Fable, as well as Movie "47-Ronin" - "Obake and...Kitasune"- are real Japaneses myth's....interesting????)

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In short- as an "old-timer" VA employee with the Gulf Coast VA System Transition Care Management (OEF/OIF/New Dawn), has stated to me, and I concur- whole-heartedly; there needs to be a "much" enhanced system put in place- kind of like the US Military's RSOI (Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integratin), were veteran's returning from combat are in fact - thoroughly tested upon return from Combat duty and then moved through the system "seamlessly" with the right "treatment" modalities from the start with a "highly" modern and "integrated" Health Team, such as SHARE/Shepherd Center in Atlanta Georgia, etc...!

Oh, well that is my .25-cents worth....other's can in fact decide for themselves....?????

However, all veteran's and retiree's need to remember- if they perhaps do not, that they are their own best "self-advocate's" and if such as system is to "ever" be implemented then perhaps we ALL need to consider writing our elected "official's," as they say, "en-mass" and demand much better of "those" who send US ALL to foreign lands to keep "THE WOLF AT BAY...." PERHAPS SOMETHING TO PONDER??????????

(pS: In our own, US History- during the Great Depression- THousand's of WWI Veterans marched on Washington DC over their "un-paid" compensation.....etc... One can simply look this up if so inclined...?????)

[Reminds of band "Public Enemy" song "Brother's Gotta Work It Out...."""]:):(:confused::cool:

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Thought I would post the below to Darby009 here as when at WRIISc Washington, DC, they did not have an "Occupational Therapist," Speech Pathologist," "Geneticist," nor Infectious "Disease Doctor" On Staff nor as part of their FULL-TIME Integrated Team- and IAW website, at https://www.warrelatedillness.va.gov/WARRELATEDILLNESS/about-us/who-we-are/dc-wriisc.asp still do not.

This is odd as, if I remember correctly, had me sign "release" for video monitoring, and had myself and family member stay in "Fischer House" there on VA Grounds.... who was reviewing any "viedo" footage of myself or other's, etc...... like an "Occupational Therapist?" Furthermore, tested my hand "motor-skills" with one "peg board test" only and did not utilize a "Hand Dynamometer" nor anything else or even test my balance, etc..... very, very strange......?????????


From: http://pebforum.com/threads/my-turn-for-guess-the-pts-ratings.42847/

Darby009- it just struck me on the below, from your original post (in Blue Bold), and do not know if anyone has in fact ever tried, but an "Independent" evaluation from a "Occupational Therapist" to really asses your "intermittent ability" to perform activities of daily living, might also help????? I do not know if the US DVA hires many nor any "Occupational Threapist's" to do assessment's such as this and/or for the US DVA "Caregiver" Program, which based on below you might "qualify" for particularly if rated 70% or greater and then really if rated I/U- Individual Un-employability which "compensates you at the 100% US DVA Disabled rate even though only rated 70%! Also, you only posted MH conditions- if have "physical: conditions as well will greatly contribute to your overall rating- such as "carpol" tunnel syndrome, bad back and or shoulders, etc......

"-Intermittent inability to perform activities of daily living, including maintenance of minimal personal hygiene"

If do not know what an "Occupational Therapist" does, I recommend several books but the following should suffice, and has good general information for any 'college student' in general: "SO YOU WANT TO BE A THERAPIST? How to become a Physical or Occupational Therapist" -Paperback –October 21, 2013 by Dr. Kirk G Painter (Author) ( at https://www.amazon.com/THERAPIST-be...43&sr=8-6&keywords=occupational+therapy+books )

IAW this book, and other's "Occupational Therapist's" are "crossed-trained" in a whole host of discipline's such as "physical Therapy," "Psychology", "general Medicine," etc....furthemore, if for instance have "carpal TunneL" can measure what you can actually do with your hands on various sized object's from very small to very big; check vision, speech, and how all interplay's with your "daily" activities or "Routine,"......etc......

At Share Program in Atlanta, the "Osspational Therapist" was fantastic and utilized a "Jamar Hydraulic Hand Evaluation Kit, Includes Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer, PincGauge, & Finger Goniometer,....Measure PSI, Max Force Indicator to Measure Hand & Grip Strength" on my hands and fingers (Jamar Device at https://www.amazon.com/Jamar-Evalua...8951228&sr=8-6&keywords=jamar+hand+dynamomete) this had never been done by the US DVA not even for a "compensation and pension exam or reevaluation" which is odd as caropl tunnel can greatly affect "hand" strenght, especially after surgery- as well as various other conditions! Also, pain "thresholds' can also be "scientifically" evaaluated now- do not know if US DVA "executing/ diong" this or not!!!!! (These all questions your US DVA Primary Care Doctor!)

Well Darby009, I wish you the best, and if in fact have other conditions other than MH might want post as other's can give better assement of "total-combined" US DVA rating might be-

As previously stated, ther are, other resources out there, and do not know if this "occupational Threapist" "brain-storm," so to speak will actually assit you and/or others or not- other's can chime in on that...?????

Best of Luck- Darby009-

SHARE Program Atlanta Georgia is provided below for those "interested":

[email protected]

Phone numbers to SHARE Program Atlanta Georgia are 404-603-4306 "clinical Program Manager"; 404-603-4301 "Program Nurse"; 404-603-4314 "Program Admissions" and 404-603-4316 "Program Counselor:; Chaplain 404-350-7674; Case Manager 404-603-4302/4322]



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And for those with "great" artistic ability (Painting, Sketching, Leather Work, Native American Bead Work or Silver Work etc.., Jewelry, etc...) should check out at YouTube.com the following on former Africa American Mayor NIX "The Utopian Fairhope" in-conjunction the "Annual Fairhope Arts & Craft's Festival":
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSeJY2DZa-o

Given, Fairhope-Daphne-Spanish Fort, as previously stated is per "capatia" one of the "wealthiest" areas in Alabama, might be good opportunity to pick up a sponsor or two?



Hope This helps Darby009....as well as 'numerous other's???????:cool::);):confused: (Local paper the other day had at top-Airing a Documentary of Former Fairhope Mayor NIX, but could not find it...perhaps other's, if so inclined can.... "Mobile Press Register" whom as local lore has it owner's reside in Fairhope AL....)

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Thought- I would Post the below to Darby009 at http://pebforum.com/threads/my-turn-for-guess-the-pts-ratings.42847/ so hopefully other's can build great case with US DVA, or gather "evidence" to take with them to places like WRIISC Washington DC or SHARE/Shepherd Center in Atlanta Georgia....
24 minutes ago

Darby009- as I "suggested" to you earlier, when dealing with the US DVA, one kind of needs to be like "Inspector Clouseau" from the "old" "Pink-Panther" movies (Cortes of YouTube "Henry Mancini ‎– The Pink Panther (Music From The Film Score) 1963 (full album)" at
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_TY7k_lni8


By this I mean, folks who have "evaluated" me external to the US DVA, have gone through a whole lot of stuff from my "past" like "College" Transcripts, US Military 201-File, and things I used to be fully capable of doing, but to very "large degree" cannot anymore- like complex, math or I would hate to "re-attempt" anything like the USMA IOAC, [due balance issues] all cadet's are required to take- see "West Point IOCT Record 1 min 59 sec" courtesy of YouTube at:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94tPO0fGtJo

Or how I had my 3-front teeth broken, see "Plebe Boxing 1" once again courtesy of YouTube at:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1DZrOBDOeA

that all cadet's, at least male, were/ are required to take as well! At other military academies in the World, sucha s Korean cadet's, supposedly required obtain "Black-Belt" Ta-Kown-Do, and soldier's execute for PT in mornings, etc....! As well as other militaries abroad such as Turkish Army, etc....

***Then, one has summer's "mandatory" activities and as well as supposedly "Ivy League" academics to content with in addition to everything else:

******See Summer's "mandatory" activities, etc. courtsey of YouTube- "Whiskey Lima - The Full Experience | West Point Cadet Summer Training 2017 [4K]: at
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dChTnb5qac0

******See Ivy League" academics, etc courtesy of YouTube- "A Day In The Life Of A West Point Cadet:-
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1eJYWKPNpY

This does not count military schooling, civilian schooling completed and other's attempted and not completed due to "incurred" injuries from Combat etc...
All of this has been utilized, to compare me now to then, by mostly "civilian" provider's to assist with US DVA Ratings, etc... as some, of it I simply cannot do anymore.... like "complex" math, etc.....

WRIISC Washington, DC asked me about some of this, but as far as I can tell just took a "courtesy" look at it all.... and did nothing as in-depth as other's external to US DVA did. I also sent some above SHARE Staff in Atlanta Georgia, but not sure "understood" the significance behind it all??????

Anyway, it alll goes towards evidence, in building a Very "Strong Case" with the US DVA and other's..... hope this helps you Darby009 and numerous other's out there.....

Best of Luck- Darby009-

SHARE Program Atlanta Georgia is provided below for those "interested":

[email protected]

Phone numbers to SHARE Program Atlanta Georgia are 404-603-4306 "clinical Program Manager"; 404-603-4301 "Program Nurse"; 404-603-4314 "Program Admissions" and 404-603-4316 "Program Counselor:; Chaplain 404-350-7674; Case Manager 404-603-4302/4322]



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