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Good morning! I was searching through the site and came upon your discussion re: CRSC with another member. I am writing to you because I am interested in applying for NVLSP's assistance with my husband's case, but would like to ask a question beforehand. Is ischemic heart disease considered a presumed condition for Gulf War vets? Does CRSC consider presumed conditions? Thank you!
Hello Jason, I was placed on TDRL for TBI 70%,PTSD 50%, and headaches due to TBI 30% which gave me a combined rating of 90%. will I be re-evaluated on all three conditions in six months or just the PTSD? thank you.
Got pentagon email about my board stating it was signed out on Nov 27 2017 and they have 45 days to decision and 10 days for me to be notified..I'm praying its a good outcome...
As the moderator I figure your the best person for this. Just posted what I'd consider a resource. Army MEB Dashboard Explained is the name of the post. I put it in Army case timelines. If there is somewhere better I can put it there as well or you can move it. Thanks.
I have been approved for surgery while in the IDES process, My question is what effect would this have on my current MEB? Will it be terminated or paused? Or will I be allowed to continue the process? I have received my proposed ratings and have signed my 199 and I am currently awaiting my LOR
Jason Perry,

I am desparate to speak with you as I have a formal hearing in DC next week, Nov 16, 2017 and with 40 years of combined guard and active service I am getting ready to get screwed. I was assigned an attorney hear in Europe and she advised me on how to respond to the NARSUM and how to fill out the 199 reply. Another attorney has been assigned for the formal hearing and disagrees with all I had been told
i have went to a back dr. and he said i have 4 hernited disc i also have no control over my bladder he wants to do injections but my heart dr, says no i have been on the same pain medications but now it`s not working
Conacher were your ratings permanent (PDRL) or temporary (TDRL) for TBI I'm in the same boat as u?
VA Caregiver Program

For all those interested in the VA Caregiver Program please, please read the regulations. The first one is US Code 38, 1720G which is the law to establish the Caregiver Program and the second one is 38 CFR 71 which outlines the duties and responsibilities of your VA Primary Care Team, approvals for your primary and secondary caregivers, etc...Read it!
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good lucki its about a 10 -12 month backlog on CRSC cases