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Hey everyone! I have a question. I emailed the board and got a quick response and it said I was signed out the Army DDA on Dec 13. What exactly does that mean?
Package Submitted: 27 Nov 17
Initial (phone) meeting with PEBLO: 30 Nov 17
Initial (phone) meeting with JAG: 30 Nov 17
Addendum to package submitted: 19 Dec 17
VA claim: 16 Jan 18
Sir I understand you are an Attorney. I also understand you do not give legal advice in this forum. If you give me your telephone number may I call you concerning legal questions, when it is convenient of course for you, during your regular working hours? Do you still work as an Attorney Sir?
I have an appeal that closed on May 25, 2017 and still haven't received retro. Called ebennies 800 number was told VA dropped the ball. Gave me a reference number and was told someone would contact me within 7 days. Has this happened to anyone else. It's only like $7,000, so what's taking so long..
I am filing an appeal to get upgraded from 20% to 40% for my type 2 diabetes. Anyone have any suggestions.
Hoping you can provide some insight on the final processing time-frame for me. I received my notification of retirement from the AF last August and did the Survivor benefit election in September. TSgt Peevy keeps responding to my emails with "your package is in the final processing stage" if they respond at all. Any help figuring out timeline or who I can call would be appreciated.
Well the Army took 6 months on mine. Do you have orders and has DFAS gotten them?
Nothing yet, I guess as of Dec 18th it's waiting for the Director to sign off.
Hi there ! I went through something very similar to you. I was an O3E back in 2011 and I was discharged with an OTH. I have some questions in regard to your dual processing since I am currently fighting in the Federal Court of Appeals my discharge so I can change it to Medical Disability Retirement.
I tried everything I could.

The most important advice I would give you is to ensure you have all the medical, military and VA records at hand and be very familiar with them. It makes things a lot easier and faster.

The Lawyer information is as follows:

William E. Cassara P.C.
Lawyer in the Columbia County, Georgia
Address: Evans, GA
Phone: (706) 860-5769
[email protected]
In response to your questions as it pertains to the cost, it was $6,000 plus $400 for filling fee to the Federal Court of Claims. Keep in mind, this was a filling to the Federal Court of Claims. If you are filling to your service component BCMR, the cost may different, could be more or could be less, I can't tell you.

For me, the important aspect is that if I look back ten years from now, I want to say that at leas
Hi. My daughter is going through the exact same situation. What is your daughter's status now? Any advice would greatly be appreciated.
Hellol, Anyone familiar with the process when a ARNG soldier sustains an LOD during drill weekend? I was hospitalized, had my sigmoid colon removed, went home to convalesce per the assigned MTF. Filled out all paperwork required. I was in no shape to return to my civilian job. Got active duty orders for a COADOS, got thru it, returned to my unit and asked for a PEB or MEB but no-go. Appreciate any Advice??
I call today to tp CRSC for know the status.
They said is goin again to review.
I place the claim in October 2016
more than a year.
What I could expected for that log time of the claim
Good morning! I was searching through the site and came upon your discussion re: CRSC with another member. I am writing to you because I am interested in applying for NVLSP's assistance with my husband's case, but would like to ask a question beforehand. Is ischemic heart disease considered a presumed condition for Gulf War vets? Does CRSC consider presumed conditions? Thank you!
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