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Happy Veterans Day 2021
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I hope everyone had a Happy Veterans Day 2021 and took time to enjoy the day and reflect on both their own service, the service of those still in uniform, and the common sacrifices that are shared among us in this very special group. My young daughters asked me this morning about the day (they had the day off), so it was good explaining to them what the day is about and the meaning of service. Even more special, I was able to speak with my son who is in Kuwait and is getting ready to return CONUS after his tour in Afghanistan. Thank you my fellow Veterans for your service and a special thanks to those still serving. Its an honor to count you all as my brothers and sisters.
Manu Ginobili (Give me some Grandpa Juice)
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Manu is killing it this year for the Spurs! At 40 years old, he is having a great year and is a contender for the All Star game.

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