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Q: I have a question about compensation? A: See this: Compensation Q & A Q: What is my chances to get xx% compensation? A: The serverity of your condition/how many unfitting conditions are submitted/whoever does your boar/what is in your records. It would be a guess on my part at best. Q: I received a military rating < 30%, should I appeal? A: I would, you have nothing to loose, even if they rate you as 0% your severance pay will be the same. Q: I received a military rating > 30%, should I appeal? A: Well you can, however they could drop you below 30% and then you will only receive severance pay.In these cases, you should look at the evidence carefully and decide if the benefits outweigh the risks. (Admins: edit/add as...
I have 21 years TIS. 8 years AD crew chief F16/F15s the rest as a dual status technician ANG crew chief F15. I bought my time back so my fed time is the same 21 years. I am currently on Owcp compensation since 10/27/22 for an injury while working on the civilian side which was exacerbated during drill. I was put on LWOP and forced to file a claim with the Dept of Labor. I was notified that I was unfit for duty on 11/4/23 I signed the 1180 to appeal the decision. I had 2 ILODs that weren't included in the narrative I specifically informed the mil Dr of nor was the exacerbation noted. I was contacted by the ODC attorney today 11/20/23. He said that my condition was accepted by the Dept of Labor so I couldn't claim it for compensation on...
Hi all I have read on several threads about the members making a atatment on there own behalf. With the info on how the injury happend and what treatment they recieved and how they feel. Is this true and if so, is there a proper format for this? Thanks, this forum has been a big eye opener for myself and some others i have shown this to. Sgreanbean
If the VA diagnosis differs from the referred condition sent to the PEB, what happens? If the VA diagnosed me with a mood disorder which is rateable and my referred condition is personality disorder, which isn't rateable.
Hello all, I am an Army Reservist with 17 years of service. I recently received a VA rating of 100% for multiple issues, one being 70% for residuals of TBI with PTSD. I am looking for any advice on how I should start the process to be Med Boarded. It is my current understanding that I have to have a permanent 3 on file, but are there conditions that don't require you to have several temporary profiles before submitting for a permanent i.e. PTSD or Sleep Apnea? Thanks in advance!
I'm being sent to the PEB for a diagnosis of MDD. I was contacted by my medical readiness NCO and recommended to gather "all your medical documentation for each condition and any documents showing evidence of your physical ability to adequately perform military duties" to have prepared for the board. What sort of documentation is required for this if I am being referred due to a mental health condition? My current civilian provider is hesitant to give me any sort of document validating my "physical abilities" because they do not feel like they can adequately assess my physical abilities. However, they are willing to assess my mental and emotional state. A DA7809 would mostly be assessing physical abilities, is there anything similar to...
I have a job offer with no start date yet (pending background check and finger prints). Do i need a projected start date to expedite my process?
I wasn't sure what to even title this. But is there any way the Navy could send me home (I am active duty) while waiting for my PEB to finish up? I am miserable and have not been performing in rate for a very long time and now just going to work because I have to. I am not sure if there is anyway for me to be "seperated" technically or take extended leave. I don't care if I get paid anymore lol I just want everything to be finished with. Thank you for the tips!
So I got referred to MEB 14 JUN, finished all of my appts 20 JUL, signed my NARSUM and turned to PEB 11 AUG. I emailed my PEBLO the other day just wondering if she could provide me any updates. She responded today saying the current status is "Pending vote 2", I went on and they closed my case 2 days ago on the 12th. My PEBLO is not the best at communicating and explaining things to me so I guess I'm just wondering if anyone knows where I'm at in the much is left I guess (not time wise just what stage I'm in and what still needs to be done). I've been in for 2 years but I'm still in TRADOC as I went to DLI, so I am just itching to get out of here and not knowing anything that's happening is giving me so much...
Greetings, after having gone though the IDES process and being on my way out to TDRL I am now questioning what does it mean that condition is "stabilized"; is there some criteria that is being looked at or definition? I am not really sure where to plug this question so please let me know if this is a wrong subforum for this. I also did try to search for similar threads but didnt really get anywhere either on Google or here. Medical definition of stabilization I found is essentially getting you out of life threatening state after which you start getting treatment, possibly a cure. Couple of examples of my dilemma I can come up with is Ulcerative Colitis - its an incurable condition with only way of stabilizing it is removing the...
Greetings! The information on this site is invaluable. I have fairly unique circumstances, and I am looking for any insight into the process I am currently undergoing. Long story short; I was discharged for PTSD in 2012. I was VA Service connected for PTSD at the time of my discharge, but I was not given a severance or a medical retirement, or processing through IDES when I separated. After 3 years awaiting a decision, the ABCMR has granted relief on my behalf, and as such, I am currently undergoing a MEB/PEB at the boards direction. My PEBLO first made contact 1 week ago, to introduce herself, and to explain the disposition of my case. She informed me that the board had granted relief, and that I would being going through the LDES...
I have watched this video 3 times, take notes! The video talks about MEB, MRB vs MEB, legacy vs IDES, PEB vs VA and Med sep vs Retirement. SITREP video
I recently received my NARSUM and I had two unfit conditions, PTSD and my back. I’m waiting on the PEB decision now. How often does the Board disagree with the NARSUMS unfit findings?
Just got my ratings and I am at 20% DoD/100% VA. My severance pay will be around 95-100k and there should be no recoupment as I would still be 100% VA without my 20% DoD condition(if I understand this correctly?). I have a family of 4 (two kids under age 2) so I am trying to make the best decision when it comes to deciding whether to appeal with the PEB to add an additional disqualfying condition or not. As far as I see, the big difference between 20% and 30%+ would be that I would get tricare instead of ChampVA, and I would miss out on 95-100k (which is a significant $ amount long-term as I would invest all of this into index funds). Does it make sense for me to appeal, is tricare for life that much more worth it than ChampVA that I...
Hi, I'm currently in Camp Humphrey, SK, and will start MEB in a week. However, while I was waiting for my appointment with PCM, I figured out that my next order just showed up on my STP(Soldiers Talent Profile). Does anyone know what the next move is gonna be? Is there any way that PCM told me to start that MEB at my next duty station?
I just received a copy of my C&P exams done last week and many of my conditions are not accurately reflected based upon my medical records and own accounts. As little as 50% of my symptoms are written down across my C&P exams for mental health, knee injury, heart failure. When many of my symptoms or limitations are accurately reflected in my medical records. How difficult will it be to appeal this inaccuracy. And are any ongoing medical records such as BH taken into account after C&P exams are completed? Does the VA strictly look at C&P exams or all medical records as well?
Which section should it say resulted in combat? Mine says it didn’t occur in combat on administrative findings but under advisory statements it says “To satisfy the determination required by Section 3 of Appendix 5 to Enclosure 3 of DoDI 1332.18 (as implemented by Section 020303 B of DoD 7000.14-5, VOL 7A), the Soldier's disability retirement is due to a disability incurred in the line of duty in a combat zone or as the result of performing combat related operations” Does this mean it’s considered combat related or ?
Here is my current timeline: MEB briefing: 11, Oct 2022 Narsum Submitted: 17, Oct 2022? VA Claim Call: 26, Oct 2022 4 total VA appointments Final appointment: 08, Dec 2022 Released to DAWG: 27, Dec 2022 DAWG Complete: 02 , Jan 2022 Released to IPEB: 04, Jan 2022 VA Proposed start date: 10, Jan 2022 So now I have entered the black hole known as VA claims. I have about 15 claims so I expect to be here a while. Anyone else in the same timeframe as me?
The Email below came to my inbox today, providential. ********* Facing an MEB -- Call OAC! We are the attorneys and paralegals of the Office of Airmen's Counsel (Team OAC!). We are a Division of the Community Legal Services Directorate under The Air Force Legal Operations Agency. As chief of the OAC, I lead nine lawyers (two of whom are currently reservists) and four paralegals, to represent Airmen from the time they are entered into the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) - a.k.a. MEB process-to when they meet the Formal Physical Evaluation Board (FPEB), through their appeals to the Secretary of the Air Force Personnel Council or the Veterans Administration. Our legal office represents Airmen worldwide, active duty and...
Few questions I am being booted for PTSD/MDD with Ulcerative Colitis as a cherry on top. I am a little puzzled at the fact that I am placed on TDRL (I do understand most MH cases go the) but the verbiage of my NARSUM and even IPEB remarks is that the condition isnt going to improve (stable) NARSUM stating for over 3 years and IPEB for over 12 months. "The SM is not expected to improve sufficiently in the next 12 months to be able to perform his full duties" - no shit sherlock. Is this something worth fighting in FPEB? The MH rating is 70% (I find it fair assessment) and sole one for the DoD and the main referred condition. Second question is that my Colitis(UC) has been a huge pain in my ass for the past year I had been MEBd with ALC...
Looking for more insight into this. If The VA sent my proposed ratings on 04 MAY 23, does this mean that the PEB is now 2 weeks over the timeline written in the DoD instruction? Does this say that the PEB has 5 days from proposed ratings to compiling my DA199? Any info is greatly appreciated.
Morning! First off, still waiting on attorney and only have a couple days left to sign/accept findings... I was refered for 2 conditions One was 60% Other not rated, found fit (but doesn't make sense why) Being over 20, should I even fight this? Retirement is capped at longevity, so I don't think it will make a difference. Thoughts?
I received my results of the IPEB and have a couple questions as well as was hoping for a sanity check. Background: Navy O4 on active duty at 14 years received TBI on deployment; referred for TBI, PTSD, Insomnia, skull fracture, brain hemorrhage, and loss of vision. Results are TDRL with DOD 70%/VA 90%. Only unfitting was PTSD/TBI and loss of vision. Headaches were not included in the referred conditions but did receive a 50% rating from the VA. Of note, the PTSD was rated at 70% and the TBI at 40% but due to pyramiding and funky VA math they combined the 2 with insomnia, brain hemorrhage, skull fracture, and vertigo for a grand total of 50%. How that makes sense is beyond me. My math overall shows me at 90.8% based on a 50, 50, 30...
After a long wait, I received a call that I was found unfit, will be discharged with severance, 0%DOD/100%VA. I am a little confused on what this means for the present and future. I have heard things from people like "DOD has to match VA" in terms of ratings but since the VA found me at 100%, wouldn't that be a medical retirement? Also, if I sign these findings, I am assuming the 100% VA rating a percentage of my base pay? And lastly, with dependents, I am not sure with this 0/100 rating, what my healthcare situation would be like (ie:recieve tricare or get VA healthcare or on my own to find insurance provider for myself and/or family). Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Like the post says, anyone know where to find this Information? Chronic pain and PTSD are better treated with that, than with pain meds.. thanks buds
So my claims on changed to closed on 22 March but I received an email saying I needed more QTC exams. (VA and QTC says it’s just documentation review/medical opinion). The opinions are on non-referred conditions. My MSC told me last week my proposed VA rating and VA hotline says they sent me proposal letter already... Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen and/or know if this delays the DA199/transition? My MSC says he can see the overall VA proposed rating.

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