Feb 26, 1981 (Age: 39)


Time Line @ NMCP (navy)

Dec 31
Meb initiated
Jan 3 Met Peblo
Jan 5 Narrative summary from Cardiology
Jan 9 DTAP
Jan 11 Met MSC/VA rep claimed 57 conditions
Jan 11 Psychologist called with questions for addendum
Jan 21 completed 3 C&P exams ( ear/nose/throat)
Jan 22 NMA completed (command recommended unfit finding)
Jan 23 reviewed and signed MH addendum
Jan 28 completed C&P (Dental)
Feb 4 completed C&P ( MH 2 hrs)
Feb 5 completed last C&P ( General)
Feb 21 Narsum ready for review
Feb 26 Narsum signed ( no issues) package submitted to PEB
Mar 26 Peblo notified me I was found unfit by PEB package forwarded to VA for Proposed Rating
(This is where things start to slowdown)
April 11 Ebenefits changes to preparation for decision
June 6 Talked to Peblo to check on case who in turned talked to MSC who says its with a rater and they DON’T n need anything and see would email VA should take 24-48 hours for reply. (Later that day dates changed ebenefits but still Preparation for decision phase)
Jun 11 Contacted Peblo to see if MSC got a reply from VA. The answer no from MSC and they would email again due to the fact we were almost at 90-day mark waiting for ratings. (Patience thin at this point)

Jun13 (where it gets interesting) Thanks to this informative forum I found out that my case was probably at RI Providence and I received a number also from forum Thanks Guys! Called RI and spoke to a gentleman who looks up my claim and tells me CLARIFICATION was needed for my Knee and that’s all that is needed. This is news because the MSC just told me nothing was needed. So, I got off the phone with him and went to my Peblos office to let him know. He made a call to someone at the Hampton VA center and asked if there was something in the system because they literally just checked. The women he spoke to says no at first but then retracted and said yes one just came in today June 13 for knee. Coincidence maybe probably not due to the fact I just called RI less than an hour ago. So, my peblo just laughs sarcastically and says ok, he than call the VA doctor directly and ask her look for the clarification which see does and completes what is need and sends it back. (found out later she sent it back same day)

Jun 21 (Gets Better folks) VA rep/guessing rater called me to get clarification on 3 more conditions. She also goes on to tell me she was sorry someone went left with my claim because it needed clarification and has been on her desk since April 11. (wow really) Anyway she asked he questions and apologized again and told me she would have my claim finished that day. Benefits changes to pending decision approval ( BUT I’ll believe it when I see closed on VA.gov)

Jun 24 ( DAY 90) Claim closed Va.gov another claim opened with original claim date. Called Peblo and he confirmed it was back at the PEB. (River Danced in my car Finally away from VA)

Jul 17 Findings came 30% TDRL/ 100 VA
Jul 22 Accepted findings awaiting new EAOS
JUL 24 NLT date 28 OCT 19




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