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    Claim status went missing

    it maybe the site … I wouldn't panic just yet...when I logged on to mine it said it was unable to show claims so it just may be the site.
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    Just received Narsum, Questions About Ratings

    It is kind of like the criteria for ratings when they rate your disabilities they go off of C & P exams. Try website called military disability made easy and click find my condition that may help give you some idea.
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    Usmc PEB timeline question

    absolutely nothing
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    Just received Narsum, Questions About Ratings

    Not sure about the others but w mental health MDD it is possible even if it is TDRL. I would look at CP exams and compare to VAARSD to see where you might fall. Its really to little info to provide any solid answer.
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    PEB timeline

    I think it is Quality Assurance where they make sure package is good to go before sending it to Va its like the final stage before they send it off for ratings.
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    My Timeline

    Congrats hope that was the outcome you wanted. Yes the process is very stressful but it seems as though your case moved pretty fast. Good Luck
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    Fort Lee Timeline for Back issues

    good luck guys
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    Timeline Question:

    Awesome hope you get the ratings you want. That was kind of quick gives me hope.
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    Timeline Question:

    Depends on your regional va office and how many claims they are processing but I would say collectively one to two months
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    Unofficial Findings??

    nothing yet at the va
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    Unofficial Findings??

    Peblo can only see if PEB found you unfit as far as VA findings disability percentages or details on what fit or unfit you have to wait on official finding to return. Hope that answers your questions.
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    Usmc PEB timeline question

    I have seen people with 40 plus claims processed 2-3 weeks and some with 10 take over a month. I think it just depends on who is working the claims the workload of that regional va office etc, etc. All you can really do is hope you get through as fast as possible just hard to gauge.
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    How long of a wait?

    I agree it seems to be a month to two months you can also look at va to see how backlogged they are but honestly I don't know how accurate any of the information is. Best luck
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    Usmc PEB timeline question

    Thanks and no I don't think it is very accurate either but movement still has me hoping. Best of luck as well
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    My Navy Timeline for Radiculopathy

    I would suspect if they are asking for DD214 that your ratings are done, I would keep on your Peblo for information something doesn't seem right about that.
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