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    DDD/Spinal Fusion Timeline

    Congrats on your finding my case is also at NMCP and my claim at VA recently closed hoping I hear something soon. Also you said you found out you had orders before your findings am I understanding that correctly?
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    VA website

    LIB is correct this happened to me Monday and I confirmed with VA and peblo who looked me up and says va is finished with proposed and awaiting final finding to be sent back. Keep us updated curious to see how long PEB takes. Also good luck
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    Someone dropped the ball, can anyone advise?

    In all honesty just Pray... I know that's not much but all you can do is just call them periodically and check to make sure there is nothing else they are waiting for, because sometimes they request clarification on claimed conditions. The va in most cases is the most frustrating part timelines...
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    Slowest Timeline Ever

    Making more sense now.
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    Can anyone help? Frustrated

    Not sure what branch you are but I can only speak for navy PEB usually a month you may be luckier. However recently they have been undermanned so it has been taking even longer than the usual 30 days. Hope it works out for you.
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    My Timeline So Far Fort Bragg

    Congrats on the last leg of the race ! my stuff just closed yesterday on so hopefully Ill be in your shoes in a few weeks. Hope your findings were what you were expecting.
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    NMCP (Navy-Norfolk) Timeline

    Yes Thanks finally some meaningful movement now lets hope they got it right lol.
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    NMCP (Navy-Norfolk) Timeline

    Thanks for the info explains the NO I got from the rep. Will do appreciate it.
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    NMCP (Navy-Norfolk) Timeline

    Right ...Finally and Thanks now the PEB shenanigans' begin :rolleyes: but ill take the momentary win!
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    NMCP (Navy-Norfolk) Timeline

    UPDATE Guys this happened on day 90, making calls as we speak but literally day 90!! @NMCP.
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    Slowest Timeline Ever

    Man sorry looks like a horrible case of bad peblo are you at a joint base curious because they usually have delayed timelines due to handling different service? Have you reached out to your ombudsman for assistance your timeline is extreme.
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    NMCP (Navy-Norfolk) Timeline

    How did you get them to fax them I called and was told they cant....calling back as I type I never listen to just one rep. But I was wondering did you say anything special?
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    My Timeline So Far Fort Bragg

    WOOOW light speed consider your case a diamond in the rough. Hope your rating comeback as what you want but as far as speed as long as I've been on here this is one if not the fastest. awesome
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    My Fort Hood Timeline

    Congrats on the movement
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    IPEB Results

    CONGRATS and good information good luck on your new journey
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