Jun 8, 1981 (Age: 39)


Current Timeline:
Medical Eval at QTC
Sep2017-Package sent to PEB
Oct2017-VA has package Ebenefits in first stage
15Dec2017-Ebenefits says "pending decision approval"
22Jan2018-Ebenifits case has gone "historical"
23Jan2018-Called VA 1-800-827-1000, was informed package was on it's way back to PEB, and I would recieve my ratings in the mail in 10 business days.
24Jan2018-Called PEB(202-685-6422/6419) to confirm they had recieved. Was told it is in a "rating alignment"(QA officer's desk) phase to determine the Navy rating amount.
31Jan2018------ ...............Still waiting
02FEB2018- Called VA got Ratings faxed over...found at 90%. Now I wait on PEB DOD rating
09FEB2018- Called PEB...still in QA phase. Sgt on the other line stated that process generally takes 25-30 days.
09FEB2018- My "Historical" claim has disappeared!! WTH
21FEB2018-"Historical" is Back on ebennies
21FEB2018- Talked to PEBLO DOD rating 40% TDRL
24FEB2018- Accepted my findings today against my better judgement. 40% DOD TDRL/90% VA.
03MAR2018- PTDY, house hunting, and terminal approved. Head to PSD at 1100 to get DD-214 ready for final approval.

"If me and King Kong went into an alley, only one of us would come out, and it wouldn't be the monkey." -Lyle Alzado



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