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    Where am I in the process

    Did you upload your DD-214 to ebenefits? I had the same issue and they said that was needed to close Case
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    Intake exam at VA

    Thank you fellas
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    Intake exam at VA

    I see a-lot of people are viewing this post, but no one seems to have an answer
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    Intake exam at VA

    So I'm TDRL..That being said what can I expect from the exam? Is it stricter? Can they lower my %? This is all kind of scary. I've heard horror stories. Anybody?
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    Current Navy Timeline

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    New Resource "SHARE Program/Shepherd Center" Atlanta Georgia- Super Hot

    I know you're trying to help but it's really hard for me to get through your posts because of all the quotation marks
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    I see the light

    what wa your %?
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    VA Rating

    call VA and have them fax over findings. VA number is in my signature.
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    Wait for VA Ratings

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    2 Different Claims on Ebenefits?

    Have them fax your proposed ratings to you. If one customer service rep won't fax, hang up and repeat until you get them faxed.
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    My Navy Timeline

    I accepted my findings today
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    My Navy Timeline

    You have tyo do a VARR(Veterans Admin Rating Reconsideration) at the time you sign your findings from the DOD
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    My Navy Timeline

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