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    Sister school requirements

    There is a link to "SSR PAGE", however, and it wont allow me to click on it. This is in the heading for each page in the MSD, referring to Battlefield Airman jobs. Is it possible to upload?
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    Medical Standards Directory [Deleted]

    Can anyone post the sister school requirements for special operations duty (SSR PAGE) in the MSD? The link wont allow me to click on it, and Im trying to access the current vision standards. Thanks.
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    I-RILO? dont want to get out of Air Force

    Ive been told the medical standards directory updated vision standards in May 2017
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    Sister school requirements

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    Sister school requirements

    Perhaps its in AF Physical Examination Techniques ?
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    Sister school requirements

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone has the SSR (sister school requirements) page from the Medical Standards Directory. Specifically, I am wondering about SOWT, which to my knowledge has to meet Airborne requirements. But do they have to meet MFF and Dive as well, seeing these schools arent in the...
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