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    I only qualified for 20% because my ROM (15 degrees but not greater than 30 degrees). Regardless of my pain levels! However, let them know if you have numbness in your arms due to your condition. That's a separate condition I was awarded an additional 20% for. My rater also told me that...
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    severance Pay and MGIB benefits

    Just wanted to share what I learned. Whether the veteran is retired or medically separated is irrelevant because you can qualify for the 48 months through MGIB or Voc Rehab. If your 30% or more SC, you qualify for Voc Rehab. Even if you're not 30% and were medically separated you can still get...
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    PDBR Assistance

    You can always ask for an increase based on your current ratings. I am in the middle of doing that now. It's supposed to be an "easier and faster process." The senate ruled max 120 days for increase on percentages of SC you've already been granted for. (I'm waiting longer though, 140 days right...
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    Taking away VA benefits?

    Tough to say. I work at the VA and here's what I know. I can tell you that I have seen veterans get "audited" by the C/P offices for veterans that are 100%. They are reviewed every 3-5 years to ensure they are still qualified for 100% (usually for PTSD). It's rare but I have seen the percentage...
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    ART position question

    I don't believe so. I was personnel in the AF and when people went blue to green (AF to Army) or joined reserves after they separated, they didn't have to go to BMT again. However, there was some educational 2 week class when the veteran switches branches of the military. Hope this helps?
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    VA made an error on my claim - my options?

    Do you have a VSO rep or VBA rep yet? If not, contact them to help you. The VA is supposed to review the final decision to ensure "no errors have been made." It's def a complicated process and not a perfect system. I was rated for a "thigh condition" when it was actually a hip injury! You can...
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    severance Pay and MGIB benefits

    You'd think so? I gave them my full social but who knows? Worse, every VBA rep I've contacted knows nothing about the Wounded Warrior Act and PDBR review? I find myself educating them! Nice, right? Can Jason recommend a good lawyer in NH/VT/MA area? I'm totally lost and apparently the first...
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    severance Pay and MGIB benefits

    Apparently it is specific to the individual? However, I did get the phone number to ask severence/retirement pay questions to DFAS directly. 1-888-332-7411 ext. 1. "Due to extremely high call volume, call back." lol Here was their emailed response!? Dear Ma'am: In regards to your pay...
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    severance Pay and MGIB benefits

    I'm 30% SC through the VA but never used the Voc rehab. I used the chap 31 and chapter 30. I submitted my question to DFAS since the PDBR did not know the answer to my finance question. I'm pretty sure I will have to pay it back but I will post the answer as soon as I know.
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    severance Pay and MGIB benefits

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. I got a letter since I was discharged with 10% severance pay in 2007 after 2 years active duty AF. My main concern is my MGIB. I received 48 months since I got medically separated rather than retired. I used all this benefit. Won't I be required to pay back the 12...
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