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  • Hi Allty!

    It's me, nwlivewire.
    Boy, I sure don't understand Xeno locking this thread out, because we need to get the message out to our membership so they can get busy notifying their reps before it's too late.

    Wonder if there's another site out there that we can post up a link to so it can be easy for our membership to click and get that letter out?

    So many organizations use the services of foreign-based operations these days. Xeno asked a good question that only the parent org. can answer: Why are they using a foreign-based company? Seems the parent org. ought to keep Americans working, but that's not the case these days with so many orgs. and companies.

    Anywho, i sent my letter of support out and got a thank-you back from this org.
    My wife has Crohns Disease and is about to start the medical evaluation. Day 1 for her is today. I saw a post from you that said they found you fit for duty but not fit for sea duty and that they are going to admin sep you. This is our fear. She has 12 years in and to get put out without Medical Retirement is crazy. Have you found that this ridiculous "fit but not fit" nonsense is the norm when dealing with Crohns patients? Any advice, info you can provide would be much appreciated...thank you... [email protected]
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