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  • I got permanent disability retirement at 30% it was raised from 10% back in 06. I have 100% from the VA, since 2012. Is there going to be back pay from the Navy? For changing from severance to retirement an going to 30%?
    I answered this once today not realizing it was in the profile section which is NOT for Q&A.
    Check the forum section...your name and question will be shown.
    I’m 100% through the Va. date active 2012. Got out in 2007. Filed PB in 2016 March , because of letter mailed. What does this all mean? My rating was 10% getting out an severance. I have paid all that back. What is the point? If I was denied, leaving, what?... changes now, by doing this, paperwork all over? Totally getting my hopes up; dreaming! Help... info.. knowledge, needed
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