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    public law 97-253, 60/40 disability retirement.

    Are you questioning the final pay or the final grade when you retired for disability from the civilian side? i was an AF Reservist that was retired as a result of an IDES MEB. I was also a GS civilian employee for the AF, but not a technician. At the conclusion of the MEB I had to apply for an...
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    MEDCON Orders & the IDES Process

    Get as many people involved in having your MedCon orders continued. Do NOT let your orders lapse, it is going to be very difficult to get you back on orders. You should be continued until the conclusion of the IDES process. My orders lapsed and I had to file with the AFBCMR to get it straitened...
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    AF Res Pilot,Cancer,ILOD,IRILO=Fit/ALC-C3

    flyin_d I would not settle for the Incap pay. I was on MedCon orders for 2+years while in the MEB process. Took some pulling teeth initially, but once started on MedCon got continued until retirement. Being short only 200 points should be easy to get to 20 active. Appeal each stage up to SAF...
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    Still on TDRL waiting for the VA Letter

    hkim921, The TDRL and PDRL is not a VA process, instead the military services own it. Your service will notify you when there is a reeval due, but they must have current contact information. I had a VA reeval for my MH issue and was able to use documentation from the VA, and other medical...
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    TDRL "Can do" or in MTF eval for PTSD thoughts?

    Pac942, TDRL "Can Do" is an Air Force process, check if there is an equivalent process for the Navy.
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    TDRL "Can do" or in MTF eval for PTSD thoughts?

    I did the "Can Do" for my first and only TDRL reeval Oct 2015. Included all my treatment notes from my Physicians and Therapists pertaining to my unfit condition, PTSD. There is an instruction sheet for your physician on what information shall be included in letter to the PEB. I was also...
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    SCAADL Benefit

    For the VA you'll need to apply for the Caregiver Atipend program. Apply asap, if approved it's back dated to the application date. Look it up, process for my wife and I was fairly painless. As gsfowler mentioned, aid and attendance is in addition to your compensation rating. If you have not...
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    PTSD tdrl dropped 50% to 10% help

    I would appeal, but get an attorney. Don't know what branch you were in, but counsel should be available to assist you for a Formal Board. Was 50% your rating for PTSD, or lower? I ask because 50% is the minimum for pay while in TDRL for Mental health conditions, even if your rating was lower...
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    Just got Removed from TDRL and w/ Separated Severance Help!!!

    Don't know why the VA didn't do a reeval. Normally the VA would for Mental Health conditions. You indicated that your PTSD rating remained the same at 50%, that would be evidence for keeping your DoD rating for PTSD the same. Unless there is other info you didn't include. Appeal at Formal PEB...
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    Just got Removed from TDRL and w/ Separated Severance Help!!!

    When was your VA reeval conducted for your BH issue? Did your rating for it get lowered, raised or remained the same? Important because VA reeval results can be used as evidence for your TDRL reeval or a Formal Board. AnAmericanAirman
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    Distinguished Veteran California

    There should be annotation on your VA award letter, that's what I used as my documentation. I think on the application form it states the VA award letter
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    TDRL to PDLR question

    I do not think your VA rating will be affected because of the TDRL reeval. My question is whether the VA increase in rating involved your Unfitting condition(s)? Did your rating from the VA reeval increase, reduce, or remain same for your Unfitting condition(s)? Important because if VA rating...
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    TDRL to PDLR question

    Was your rating changed for your Unfitting condition(s) when you had your VA reeval? If had remained the same or raised, it is evidence to keep your rating from being lowered. I used the VA reeval as evidence for my DoD reeval and was put on PDRL with rating staying the same as the VA rating...
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    TDRL ID card clarification

    I opted to terminate my FEHB coverage when I medically retired from my GS civil service job. I should use the VA health system more, since I am also 100% P&T.
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