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    Pending Decision Approval Before PEB Results

    I never received an unfit memo. I was given my ratings about 2 weeks after my E-benefits went to pending decision approval.
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    Fibromyalgia, and other issues.....

    In terms of Fibro, there is no longer a tender point requirement for diagnosis. Here is the list of the new diagnostic criteria: Widespread pain index (WPI) ≥7 and symptom severity (SS) scale score ≥5 or WPI 3 - 6 and SS scale score ≥9. Symptoms have been present at a similar level for at...
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    Questions about if I should refute my findings.

    Well, it is true that the meds you are on disqualify you for Nuke duty...ask me how I know that...HA! At any rate, if you (and your doc) think that you can handle being off of your meds and you want to stay in the Navy, try it. You have to be off of the disqualifying meds for 60 days and then...
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    Fibro Profile?

    I'm not sure about a profile, since I am Navy, but I had documented restricted activities. (ie. PT, etc.)
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    Does Fibro require a MEB?

    The key to whether or not a MEB should be initiated is "does it interfere with the job that you were trained for". So, if your unit is giving you a simple desk job and that is not what you should really be doing, then you should have a MEB done. For me, I wasn't able to go back to sea duty...
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    Years of service

    The key (for the Navy) is to hit the 18 year mark. If you hit that, you can put in a request to be put on permanent limited duty. For me, that is exactly what I did, got approved, and am finally over 20. I'll be retiring the end of March, 70% PDRL DoD/100% VA.
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    Haven't seen this one before (ebenefits)

    The claim doesn't get closed when the rating decision is made for IDES. It simply remains in the "Pending Decision Approval" until the DD214 is received by them. Then they decide on the claim that was done during the IDES process.
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    Normal 20 year retirement or PDRL

    I got PLD, I was just over 18 years. It really takes a good write up from your CoC (or you writing it and giving it to them for their changes). They have to say why they think that you should stay in and at what capacity basically.
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    A little confused but me out

    When my Ebenefits shifted to "Pending Decision Approval", I received my ratings about a week or two later.
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    awaiting message traffic!

    Yep, when I was supposed to retire the first time. My retirement date has changed three times now.
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    DoD unfit cat2 but VA not service connected? HELP!!!!

    Definitely contest this since you have a diagnosis now. Your rheumatologist must have written fibromyalgia and what tender points you have (at least that is how it was for me). Also, there needs to be a clear distinction between symptoms of fibro and mh condition. I was rated for both a mh...
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    awaiting message traffic!

    I did my leave and checking out in June when I was supposed to retire in August...:eek:
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    awaiting message traffic!

    Well, I finally got my message...the super, extremely nice people (gag) at pers decided that I don't get to retire until March 28th. I don't get it; why 60 days? It's not like they have to do anything drastic with my paper work or whatever. I'm a bit peeved. :mad:
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    I know this has been asked alot, and I have searched. Need an example.

    Here is some of mine, hope it helps. Service Member is currently assigned to XXX in a Limited Duty status; per her rate's sea/shore rotation, member should be currently assigned to sea duty. She supervises XXX students who have completed training and are waiting to commence follow on training...
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    What good is a commanders letter...

    Yep, my letter was specifically addressed in my PEB results; make sure that it discusses what you can't do according to your actual trained job. For me, I could no longer go to sea, thereby not meet my sea/shore rotation. Additionally, the meds that I am on disqualified me for my trained job and...
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