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    New Claim after Separation

    My sleep study was done after separation.
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    New Claim after Separation

    Good afternoon, I've been looking into opening a new claim, but want to get some insight before doing so. I am rated at 100%. My primary care team at the VA wanted to get me tested for sleep apnea. I got a CPAP. Would filing a new claim jeopardize my current VA rating? I don't want to get over...
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    DA 199 in hand, but need advice

    I actually got it resolved. I ended up filing for a FPEB and submitting a letter describing my injury and what happened. My buddy typed one for me too. They added combat injury without even flying me out.
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    Finally done! Veteran status!

    Finally done! Veteran status!
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    Last paycheck

    Do DFAS issue a last LES for the breakdown of the last entitlements/debts? I filed a claim through DFAS for taking my CIF debt out my check when I paid it in cash. Its easy to take money, but a pain to get it back. Do the myPay stay active after the last day in the military?
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    VA Payment

    I'm actually coming out better selling my leave and starting my VA Comp.
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    VA Payment

    No you didn't confuse me. Thats what I thought. I'm like 4 days away from being done and started second guessing my decision. I had someone telling me to take terminal leave and not sell it back and they made it sound as if once I sign out from the Army, my VA would begin to process.
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    VA Payment

    QUICK QUESTION. When leaving active duty army, does the VA comp start date begin 1 day after your last day of active duty (Final Out day) or 1 day after finishing terminal leave?
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    Can Commanders letter be problamatic?

    I started my MEB in November last year. My commander just screwed me when he wrote his part of my NARSUM. Basically said my ailment didn't affect my duty as a soldier. I got less than a week til terminal leave!
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    Recent PDA Timeline

    I finally got PDA to finish up my case last week. I went to my ombudsman and she helped, but the PDA kept giving excuses. I told my ombudsman I appreciated the help, but I'm about to lose my civilian job so I'm going higher. Not sure if that help or I happened to be next in line, but I hit...
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    Recent PDA Timeline

    What did you do you "fight the system"? I contacted my installation's ombudsman to expedite my case due to my job start date being a few weeks away. To get orders in a day of signing your da199 is amazing.
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    About to sign 199. Thinking of appealing

    Fight for what you believe you should get. I appealed 2 stages of my med board. Overall, I am satisfied with what I received. My appeal to the PEB only took about three weeks due to the board doing a reconsideration without me traveling to them.
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    So close......but yet, so far!

    So close......but yet, so far!
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    PDA Request

    Man, that's terrible. I'm sure an expedite won't be that quick either, but I at least need to see if it's anything I can do. I have a few weeks until my start date.
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    PDA Request

    Is it possible to have my case expedited due to a job offering? I was being proactive during my medboard and landed a job. I am coming really close to my start date. There aren't many jobs in the area I am qualified for AND can work with my disabilities, so I am counting on this particular one...
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