Reffered to MEB Nov 2012
12Dec13 Got intial Email from PEBLO
08Jan13 VA Form 21-0819 signed by provider (Official IDES start date)
20/21Feb13 C&P Exams
14Mar13 MEB Complete. Notified by PEBLO MEB package was ready
18Mar13 Requested Impartial Medical Review(IMR)
25Mar13 Notified that IMR was finshed
27Mar13 Package sent to PEB
27Aug13 Found unfit (PEB case manager forgot to upload)
10Sep13 Unfit sent to VA DRAS
27Oct13 Ebenefits status changed and claim was moved to historical and new claim opened.
29Oct13 Ebenefits status changed to "PREPARATION FOR DECISION"
24Nov13 Ebenefits status changed to "PREPARATION FOR NOTIFICATION"
25Nov13 Claim Closed, VA awarded 20% (10% for referred knee condition and 10% for Prior Service Impairment). Waiting on the IPEB to complete AF356.
25Nov13 New claim opened by VA for two referred conditions.
16Dec13 Spoke with PEBLO and was told that IPEB wouldn't present ratings until the VA was finished with the claim they opened on 25Nov13.
23Jan14 Ratings are complete 10% DoD and 60% VA.
31Jan14 Accepted findings from the IPEB and waiting on seperation orders.
24Feb14 Received Seperation orders with a seperation date of 26Feb14.




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