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    SSDI and AD Pay a few questions

    Thanks for the general info.
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    SSDI and AD Pay a few questions

    Question? I have heard in general, people generally get denied ssdi on the first request. is this true?
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    New Navy PRT Instruction and PEB Process

    You have to read what the findings would. that would give you direction. They would look at what is causing you not to take the prt. then they would come back, say example your fit with these limitations. Example my old cheif was on PLD status, he was able to stay in and he just had to get...
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    New Navy PRT Instruction and PEB Process

    Look at the instruction, they have to refer you for three prt waivers in i 4 year period but if you have prt failures that is different. Again i am not an expert but that is my understanding. Also, check with your command prt coordinator.
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    VA rated back to peb

    iam USN, va rcieved claim feb 8. proposed rating done 16mar. 26mar dc recived. 2Apr recieved my finding from peblo
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    PEBLO telling chain of command I'll probably be return to duty, my package went to Cleveland...

    my peblo told me there is no more 90 day, it has changed to 30 or 60 day.
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    Va finalized rating 22 march

    My va was finalized 16Mar and recieved my findings today, i was sitting and my computer wondering if i should call the number again. then i got the call. i am USN.
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    Chron's Timeline?

    Yes, you are right. A retired JAG Cmdr, i have been talking too said the same exact thing. I was pretty involve on my NMA. Be honest. Make sure if it says you unfit for sea and why, how it affects your rate. Not sure of your sea or shore rotation, but you said you were a recruiter. Keep in mind...
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    VA rated back to peb

    From what i have seen on different post it seems timelines are different. If the peb rejects the va proposed ratings they send it back to the VA, from what i understand that might be why yours is taking so long. also, it would depend on which va office is processing it and their backlog of cases.
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    Jason Thanks for a great website

    i agree, thanks so much Jason.
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    Chron's Timeline?

    Definitly seek consel of JAG, your NMA is a big part of med board. So make sure you word it the way you want you outcome to be. It should tell the truth about your limitations for duty. I post the memo below and make sure you read a any references. Knowledge is power. You can not be seperated...
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    Va question for active duty

    The va number work, thank you. I called the va, and they told me a decision was made 0n 16MAR12, and now a supervisor needed to review before a final award could be made. She asked if i sent in my dd214, i said no because i am still ative duty. My claim is being processed out of the Province...
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    NAVY Formal Board time frame

    i didn't know that if your package goes to the va that your are unfit. Contacted my Peblo last week and he told i should here something end of Apr. Va site says Pending Decision Approval. Gunmate if you know of any other for to find out can you let me know. My package was sent to DC like 20DEC11.
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    MEB found unfit for duty but NARSUM is missing critical information...

    Folks are right, submit an appeal to your peblo to forward to the does not have to be real fancy but make sure you reference the specific info in NARSUM you dispute. That is what i did and the DOC corrected it in his response. Also, you can request an impartial medical review from a 3rd party...
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