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    December Formal PEB

    i just had a similar experience happen to me, gunmate. i was the first person out of tens of thousands that have been through my medboard office that was found unfit by the MEB at the local hospital for asthma, but found FIT by PEB. apparently the PEB only cared about two factors: PFT (pulmonary...
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    How Long is a MEB Physical good for.

    yes, that is true. if it takes you more than 6 months to send the final packet to the PEB, then you have to pretty much do everything all over again. they took their sweet time on my NARSUM too, 3 months, and then ANOTHER month just to get all the signatures for the packet. i was only 1 week...
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    Asthma: any precedent of <30% TDRL?

    hey tinman. likewise, i would like to have a happy ending to my medboard story and help others by telling them my experience. unfortunately, i found this site too late and i have many regrets as to how i should have handled almost every step of the process. the first week i reported these...
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    Asthma: any precedent of <30% TDRL?

    yet another incredible injustice i have been punished with by the army. IPEB results came back today, Fit for Duty. unbelievable. leave it to me to be the FIRST one out of tens of thousands that have gone through my medboard office to have been found fit by IPEB for this condition. the appeal...
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    PEB has my packet, Preliminaries where returned but no results. Whats next?

    feel lucky, gsepulveda, that you are already at the PEB phase. many people in my unit have been fighting for years just to reach that point who started MEB long before you. my PEB is happening at Ft. Lewis too, and i've been waiting for 5 weeks now for my ratings. this is my timeline posted over...
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    This is the nitty gritty of my medboard ordeal: Dec 2009: Medical treatment first sought for condition June 2010: P3 profile FINALLY issued/first visit to PEBLO Sept 2010: Phase 1/Phase 2 physicals completed Dec 2010: NARSUM completed (3 MONTH WAIT!!! :mad:) Jan 2011: MEB packet signed and...
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    Asthma: any precedent of <30% TDRL?

    very fast response, thanks. perhaps i was too long-winded or just didnt explain myself properly. i understand medical retirement starts at 30%, that's why it is so important to me that i receive that rating. my question is has there been anyone out there that has received less than 30% for...
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    Asthma: any precedent of <30% TDRL?

    Been going through the MEB process for 1 1/2 years now for asthma and finally awaiting results from PEB. in my little bit of research i've been comforted seeing that everyone has received the minimum 30% TDRL for asthma, and one service member on here even got 60% PDRL! i'm in week 5 now of...
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    Developed Lupus SLE while MEB in process

    my medical problems are different from your's, but my problem is still the same. my peb process has taken horrendously long to complete, and over that time my unit has tasked me out to the point where i have developed other physiological problems involving circulatory and nerve damage. if i...
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