February 23


21 Aug Package sent to DP2NP
27 Aug Package kicked back for more info
24 Sep Package sent back to DP2NP
27 Sep Full MEB Directed
01 Oct MEB Briefing
02 Oct Scheduled to Meet VA MSC
03 Oct Met with VA MSC
04 Oct Scheduled 3 C&P exams for 8th, 21st and 23rd
08 Oct C&P Exam
21 Oct C&P Exam
23 Oct C&P Exam (All C&P Exams Complete)
28 Oct C&P Exam Results Sent to PEBLO
07 Nov Signed Narsum/AF 618
08 Nov Packaged Received by IPEB(AFPC)
21 Nov VA Claim closed
26 Nov Notification of AF 356 ratings are back with PEBLO (Just waiting to get the phone call to come in and sign for them.)
26 Nov Official Ratings of 100% DOD/100% VA TDRL
02 Dec Signed for rating (Awaiting Orders)




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