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    Survival Benefit Plan

    @RonG Thank you for your diligent and timely response. I will definitely proceed to take advantage of having my VA pay deducted in order to pay for the SBP monthly cost. I have been getting irritated by the monthly DFAS envelopes I have been receiving. They are wasting paper!
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    Survival Benefit Plan

    Hey y'all. Hope someone could possibly shed some light on some things. When retiring I was asked if I wanted to opt into the Survival Benefit Plan (SBP) or not. At the time, I figured $15 a month couldn't hurt and it sounded like a good idea. However, since I no longer receive Army Retired...
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    Pay after retirement

    Nhoover500, I unfortunately found out about online courses only receiving roughly $825 a month. I'm not about to transfer from Arizona State University Online to a local school just to have only a few credits transfer all for the full housing allowance. The G.I. Bill comparison tool off the VA...
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    Supplemental Claim

    PEBMember2017, Thank you for the response! And thank you for the link!! Super helpful information.
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    Nhoover500, Active Duty Army here to give you some perspective. After I signed my 199 and it was sent up, took me about a day or two to receive confirmation that I was put on the TRANSPROC list. Transition Services will give you a NLT of when you need to be out (this date can be tentative)...
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    Timeline Update

    Congrats to you Sir! If I will be placed on the PDRL on 13-May-2019, is it ideal for me to go to DEERS on 14-May-2019 to receive the retiree ID card? Thanks for your help!
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    JBLM Transproc

    That timeline is insane. I thankfully signed my 199 and a day or two later I received an e-mail from my PEBLO about hitting the TRANSPROC list. That same day I received an e-mail with subject line: "Medical Retirement" from personnel that work for Transition Services. I am stationed at JBSA...
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    Supplemental Claim

    Hope I am posting to the right forum section. Thanks for all the advice & tips in advance. I am currently rated at 70% VA & 30% DoD PDRL. Effective 13-May-2019 I will separate from the Army & Effective 14-May-2019 I will be placed on the PDRL. I will begin my transition leave starting...
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    Unfit for Duty

    Sorry to hear that your process has taken this long. There truly needs to be some reform to the entire process.
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    Appeal Help

    Dobalu, My MEDB referring condition was Bi-Lateral Plantar Fasciitis. I claimed maybe 5 other things, but received a total rating of 70% VA and 30% DoD PDRL. From what you stated above, I totally agree that you stating the shoe inserts helped a little bit is probably the reason why they...
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    Unfit for Duty

    lucky208, I did not find out about being put on the PDRL until the VA/PEB findings/ratings had been sent back to my PEBLO. The unfit memo basically just gives you that reassurance that your MEDB is going to continue through the IDES process and that you are unfit for duty and will not be...
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    Unfit for Duty

    Sorry I dropped the ball on this thread! Been busy getting married & honeymooning. I got put on the TRANSPROC list back in February with a NLT of 13-May. I think I first noticed symptoms back in AIT. My total time spent in TRADOC was about 10 months. I feel as though in the TRADOC environment...
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    Unfit for Duty

    My PEBLO reached out to me via e-mail and informed me that I was rated VA: 70% DoD: 30% Permanent Retirement. I am going to accept these findings when I get back from leave on Monday, Feb-11. If anyone has any questions please don't hesistate to ask me!
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    IRILO cancelled?

    Triks, I just got my percentages in. I'm on leave, but my PEBLO e-mailed and informed me that I was rated VA: 70% and PEB: 30% Permanent Retirement. I would definitely keep on about your case to push for the MEB since we have the same condition.
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