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  • I hope you don't mind me constantly bugging you, but I've got another question to throw your way. Again, I do appreciate it because it's not like I can have an every day conversation with anybody I know about this subject! In reference to the anxiety that I experience and am being treated for - I have considered going to the hospital several times, but have always refrained because I haven't believed that they'll be able to do anything for me. My anxiety directly inhibits my ability to breath, which I'm sure as you can imagine is fairly stressful. From your experience, if a patient such as myself was to come to the emergency room when I'm having an anxiety attack, would I most likely be hospitalized or would they just fill me up with med's and sent me on my way? In one of the previous posts you addressed a hospitalization as an immediate MEB. I am really just trying to get the ball rolling, even though I'm in the midst of experimenting with medicine, to get to an environment that may minimize what I typically experience on a daily basis. It's almost like a situation where I have to pick my poison.....anxiety attacks or become a zombie from medication. Thanks again.
    One more question.....Did a psychologist or psychiatrist initiate your MEB? Thanks I appreciate your insight.
    I was curious how long the treatment took before you saw a psychiatrist and initiated a MEB? Thanks, I appreciate your insight.
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