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    Fort Lewis Area - Free Rodney Atkins Tickets

    On Sept 15, 2009 @ 7pm Rodney Atkins is playing at the Puyallup Fair Grounds. You can meet and greet the man himself and stay for his show with free tickets courtesy of Operation Ward 57. For more info and tickets contact: Brittney McBride (253)534-8779...
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    Free tickets M3 Rock Festival in Columbia, MD May 30th

    Hello! Operation Ward 57, in partnership with Club 930, gained free tickets to the M3 Rock Festival in Columbia, MD on May 30th, 2009 for patients of WRAMC, their family members, veterans, and staff. The M3 festival is a collection of the great 80's heavy metal bands such as Twisted Sister...
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    How long after decision until I receive a separation date?

    I am army so it might differ in other services but...... In the briefing packet I received at the start of my MEB it stated it would take between 2-6 weeks for orders after signature by soldier with average time 4 weeks. My orders were cut about 3 weeks after signature. I did not find out my...
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    Promotion at discharge???

    The High 3 Formula is where you average out your base pay for the past 36 months and use that number in the calculation of your retirement pay. Under older systems of retirement pay, they would take your base pay at time of retirement face value. It would make sense to retire right at a bump in...
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    TDRL and terminal leave/permissive TDY

    Hello, I just began PTDY a few days ago and my retirement/placement on TDRL will be May 27th and just recently went through the same things you are asking questions about. For leave, they go by what is occurred UP TO your retirement date. I required the assistance of Finance and S1 to project...
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    Kingkevindavid, Going by earlier posts, BIGJOHN was referring to how much time he has accumulated as active duty time, not that he is currently on active duty status. BigJohn, Question. Did your unit decide upon an MMRB or an MEB? What was the outcome of either of those...
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    Funny, The posted article talks about using the current system "enhanced" for the time being. This following article talks about how the current system is inadequate and overloaded which does not exactly inspire confidence in me. I spend some time down at the VA and there are a lot of...
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    Recoupment of Reenlistment Bonus.

    Martin, I know this has been in the news and a common complaint over the past several years. Soldiers are not expected to pay back their bonuses when injured and unable to fulfill the rest of their contract but soldiers keep getting letters demanding the money back and/or they do not receive...
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    Incompetency hearing?

    Drew83, If nobody is able to get back to you on this forum, there is another forum that I highly recommend. That forum is Veterans Benefits Network - Message Board - Yuku . Both forums work well hand in hand through meb/peb process and the VA.
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    IPEB Results came in yesterday.

    Hello, First, a difference between 10% to 20% will not make a difference. You receive the same severance for a rating of 0%, 10%, or 20%. The VASRD are codes listed in CRF 38 that list conditions and how they are examined, rated, etc. The VASRD code ending in "99" is used an ambiguous code...
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    Individual Unemployability.

    The purpose behind IU is to assist individuals who are rated at least 60% on one SC condition or 70% on a combination of SC conditions with one being a min. 40% to be bumped up to the 100% compensation rate from the VA if they are not able to secure or follow a substantially gainful occupation...
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    Individual Unemployability.

    I liked how you emphasized the "real math" with the VA rating. Its always fun trying to figure out how in the world all these organizations come up with calculations. That CRSC equation I am still scratching my head on. Just a word of caution. Applying for I.U. does take some time. If it is...
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    Physical Disability Board of Review Update

    I worked human resources at Walmart before employment with the military. These were the guidelines I followed with veterans: Can: Ask if served in armed forces Ask branch of service served in and Rank achieved Ask about training and education and how to applies to position Cannot: Request...
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    TDRL 40% to Severance 20% rating

    Placement on the TDRL list is warrented when the board has determined an individuals condition is unstable and may change over a period of time. On the TDRL list, an individual is re-evaluated on average every 18 months and will be on the list no longer then 5 years. At re-evaluation time, they...
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    How long for a rating after being seen at VA

    Hello, I just went through a lengthy discussion with my local VA here in the D.C. area. I was informed the length of time is running, on average, about 6 months for a rating as a national whole. The length of time can range from as little as a couple of months to a couple of years. There are...
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