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  • It feels great to have finally gotten this computer and the silly Internet all finally fixed on my end.

    So how have you been?! :D
    Dear Chinook:

    Got a good lot of answers to my questions re: SSDI and Army AD pay. Seems like you can keep both without offset - IF you are awarded SSDI. I'm still on convo leave, still in CB-WTU, and am now in PRE-MEB process. Would be in the thick of the starting of the MEB, but on convo leave, so MEB won't officially begin until that's done. My MEB/PEB will be at Ft. Lewis, WA., and hope they're better than some of these other locations.

    Hope all is well in your TDRL goat rope. Let us know what it is like and your experience with it. it's highly likely I'll be having my turn with that next year.

    Hi Chinook.

    Looks like they put me in to start the MEB process. I have alot of questions and I am worried a bit - to be expected. But i have some serious questios I posted in my last posting yesterday 15 APR. My phone call with the PA is on Monday and I need to know what my rights are since this will all be over the phone - nothing in person.
    nwlivewire aka annie
    Hey-got your message. Feel free to email or whatever, whenever. I'm not too busy, until January when I hope to get back to going to school. I'll help you with the letter- no biggie! Just let me know....
    [email protected]

    Hey, thanks for the advanced research on a topic that can help out so many vets/soldiers alike. Hats off to you! If you need any help or assistance let me know please. I am currently laid up on the couch about 4-5 days a week because of my back, hip and leg pains. Unfortunately, the Army rated me at 10% for this because A) I didn't know much and B) the Army misdiagnosed everything really bad. So the fight is on. But yea, I'm home a lot (ALOT) and have time to help with things like this. So just let me know!


    Thanks for the kind words. Yes, it is a challenge, but hey, someone has to do it. But I do appreciate the support. It is nice to hear...

    I hope you are doing well, too...and I hope you are getting some relief from the back pain.
    Hey there. I see you are located in CS and I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I'm in the WTU at Carson and I am at the last stages of my board. I have a hearing on the 19th and I am doing my best to get the 30% for my back issues. Please email me at [email protected] when you have the chance. Thank you.
    Hey there! I sent you an e-mail and completely forgot to ask how your trip went! I hope it was fantastic, but I'm up for hearing all the details. :D
    I'm glad you trip was safe and that you had some good relaxing fun. Clears the cobweb I hope. We haven't done the Heineken Regatta although it is hughly popluar. Little too early for us. We will be headed down 25h of May to celebrate my brides B'day andour 40th anniversay sailing. Take care and stay in touch. Hope you got some photos..;the color of the water is always amazing to me.

    Got the results today. 50% PTSD. Kind of confusing because on the 4.130 reg I was clearly diagnosed with almost every condition at the 70% rate and I also was diagnosed with two of the criteria at the 100% rate. DAV said they went with the VASRD 4.129 reg wich I understand. So no complaints I am just thankful that uncle Sam did not turn his back on me. Now my family has a little something and I will always at least have food on the table. I would like to ask you if I got a square deal so I will email you with specifics tomorrow. My email is [email protected] email anytime. Take care and enjoy your trip.
    Enjoy your trip! Hopefully you will have a great time. Thanks for the email I will let you know how things go here. I just went to a marriage retreat with the wife for the weekend. It was good in a way, I am still not ready to be around many people though. Take care.
    Hi there. I had to ask rob how to start a new page the other day...I like good old fashion email. :)
    Feel free to email me at [email protected]
    And I sure know what you mean about Jason. He does SO much for so many and I sure was sad to hear of his news and for his family's loss. He and I talked a lot when I was going through my MEB. I hired him for piece of mind-and it was so so worth it. Its good to hear your packet has gone up....I'm eager to hear how it goes. Wow, so much right....
    Well, I have a big trip planned for next week. I have a military friend who's in med school at St Martin. So, I'm heading down for a week. I've been a little worried about how long the flight is going to be...but I've had a while to work this out and now I'm planned and ready. I haven't been anywhere in 2years. I really need to go. Really, Really need to go. :)
    I am still looking for the PM section on my page here. I know I am not that unobservant and that my web site layout is a little different from yours. First I would like to say that Jason is in our prayers. Second my packet has been sent to Fort Sam and I will let you know how things unfold.
    Hi Chinook,

    My wife and I do a lot of sailing, mostly in the BVI's. It is relaxing a good way to spend a few weeks each year. I appreciate all your posts.

    I will keep trying to find the pm site. The only thing I can find underneath my user name is the link that connects to chat. Then it is a blue screen. I think maybe the layout of this website is different on my screen for some reason. Anyways I will have a more computer literate friend help me out with it. I am going to make another post about Commanders letters. I made great headway due to this website and scheduling a one on one meeting with my Commander. I hope you read it.
    Hi Apache, I'm so not good with this site-ikes....this is a cool way to talk too-this way everyone see's what we write, but thats cool. The PM is still different. I just tried to PM you and it said you still couldn't recieve PM's. :) Hey, but you got this going and thats great. :)
    I'll be up for a while and I'll keep checking...
    Chinook, I hope I have found the right pm site. I have you set up on my friend board, and I it shows you are currently off line. I will keep an eye out to see if I can catch up with you online. Thanks
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