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    Comepletely Paranoid

    I was med boarded from the coast guard with bipolar 1, I got out in may last year. And I was told that Bipolar disorder is an automatic disqualification for any military service. Mainly due to the fact that if your deployed for up to a year in a place where there's no pharmacy to get meds from.
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    Just Starting Med Board Process

    Got my findings from the IPEB, I got 10% with severance pay for bipolar disorder witch I'm planning to take it to a formal board. I'm not gonna settle for less than 30%
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    Just Starting Med Board Process

    did u do your VA claim yet? and was the 30% from the IPEB the first offer or did u take it to a formal board?
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    TDRL Re-eval coming up... questions...

    Hey I also am in the process of a Med board for Bipolar 1, I should hear from the IPEB by next month. I'm a little worried of the fact that I could get only 30%, which is from what I hear is the usual rating for bipolar disorder and i have a family to take care of. Although you and one other...
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    Got "unofficial" VA results! (Bipolar Disorder)

    mls, thats great u got 70% for bipolar, i'm starting the med process for bipolar disorder. i'm hoping and praying i can get the same results. So it's true, you can get a different rating from the VA claim than what they give you from the IPEB. It seems like 30% is the standard rating for...
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    Just Starting Med Board Process

    robs, hey thanks for the feedback, well so far my package will be sent out by the end of the month, just waiting on a memo from my CO. Since my condition (bipolar) is disqualifying i was told to hear something back by the fall and get a discharge date around the beginning of 2011, it all...
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    Just Starting Med Board Process

    I was also recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, my biggest concern is that i don't have enough time in service. In July 2010 will be 2 years and i'm married with a 2 yr old daughter, can I still get VA compensation/GI Bill benefits. I haven't been briefed on the matter so i'm kinda clueless...
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