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  • I filed in 2011 I believe, and told I cannot add a new medical condition diagnosed after the file date. I was given 20% with severance, 3 weeks after separation 80% by the VA. IN 2010 the VA jumped me to 100% Should I just file again? I received the 80% 3 weeks after I separated from the Navy in 2006. In addition, if I have missed deadlines or any possible statutory limits on filing periods should I get a lawyer?
    Hello, Nice to meet you! I served from 1990 to 1996, took a break to finish my degree and went back in from late 97 to late 2003. With the help of my father who was also retired MSG I submitted my packet to the VA and was awarded 70% 6 months after discharge. Two years later awarded 80% and two years in 2009 was awarded 90%. I participated with Voc Rehab which helped me secure a job in IT. Most people ask me why i don't just get IU or P and T, first of all i have a family and that is what keeps me going especially an 8 year old little girl that is just a tough as i am. Sure, i could go down to the regional office and apply and get it no problem but that is not the point. I am not to the point of giving my life up for IU or P & T. I use a lot of Zen to help fight my pain both mentally and physically and learning Ti CHI which helps me to move.
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