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  • I tried everything I could.

    The most important advice I would give you is to ensure you have all the medical, military and VA records at hand and be very familiar with them. It makes things a lot easier and faster.

    The Lawyer information is as follows:

    William E. Cassara P.C.
    Lawyer in the Columbia County, Georgia
    Address: Evans, GA
    Phone: (706) 860-5769
    [email protected]
    In response to your questions as it pertains to the cost, it was $6,000 plus $400 for filling fee to the Federal Court of Claims. Keep in mind, this was a filling to the Federal Court of Claims. If you are filling to your service component BCMR, the cost may different, could be more or could be less, I can't tell you.

    For me, the important aspect is that if I look back ten years from now, I want to say that at leas
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