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    DDD/Spinal Fusion Timeline

    Update: on April 9th I got the corrected informal PEB results, although the PEB continued to make clarical errors and listed it as the FORMAL PEB findings. Bottom line, they included the Cervical DDD (10%), Lumbar Spondylosis (10%), Upper Left Radiculopathy (20%), and Upper Right Radiculopathy...
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    C&P EXAM - HELP/Clarification Needed.

    From what I understand the only thing the VA really looks at/cares about is the forward flexion ROM. Since yours is 70° (>60°) it only warrants 10%per the VASRD.
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    I have about 30 days of leave, plus the 20 days of transition PTAD, but I can't take the PTAD until I have retirement orders (date). I can't schedule PCS move until I have orders... we have to be out of our rental June 15th... How does the "PCS awaiting orders" work?
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    On one hand the wait doesnt bother me because I'm still active duty and getting a good paycheck, but on the other hand, HQMC has told me they'll only give me 30 days to separate/ retire once the results come back... hard to search/apply/interview for jobs when you have no idea when you're...
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    125 days? even for those still in the IDES process? After I accept my PEB findings, this is the only opportunity I have to appeal the unfitting conditions, and I will not be separated until after the PEB gets a response from the VA on my rating reconsideration. That seems ridiculous after this...
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    GI Bill Eligibility - Service Academy Grad with Service-Connected Disability

    Have you since received a commission? I believe it would all depend on your current duty status. "At a minimum, you must have served at least 30 days of continuous active duty service after September 10, 2001 and be discharged due to a service-connected disability, or served an aggregate of...
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    Can anyone tell me how long I should anticipate a VA ratings reconsideration to take. I will be accepting my corrected IPEB results (assuming they're actually correct) and submitting an appeal through the RAMP process due to some new/updated medical info. Should I still anticipate a 1-2 month...
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    Usmc PEB timeline question

    Hopefully for everyone else's sake... my case is an anomaly My case was sent to the PEB last April (2018)... I've had a lot of issues with the PEB and their findings, been through the IPEB (they made an admin error), FPEB (to appeal the admin error, but they completely changed the findings for...
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    Post your timelines - Spinal IPEB/FPEB

    My case for Lumbar Spondylosis with lower bilateral radiculopathy and Cervical DDD with bilateral upper radiculopathy was: Referred to the PEB in April 2018. IPEB Findings Dec 2018. - Unfit for Lumbar and Cervical w/Radiculopathy, but they didn't include the ratings for the upper radic...
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    Appealing the Navy/Marine Corps Formal PEB decision. -Timeline?

    My attorney's submitted a Petition for Relief (PFR) to the Director, Secretary of the Navy Council of Review Boards this past Friday, March 8th. Now we wait and see if the Director changes the findings, or if we will be taking it to Federal Appeals court after I get out. Either way, when the...
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    Appealing the Navy/Marine Corps Formal PEB decision. -Timeline?

    Thanks, but that in no way answered any part of my question... I'm already past the IPEB & FPEB... I am going to appeal the FPEB decision because it's worse than the IPEB.
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    Appealing the Navy/Marine Corps Formal PEB decision. -Timeline?

    Received the decision from my appeal to the Formal PEB today. They not only didn't give me the bilateral upper radiculopathy associated with the cervical DDD that the IPEB found unfitting (but didn't include) or the bilateral lower radiculopathy for my lumbar spondylosis... instead they now say...
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    Anyone got an idea?

    At this point, no. I'm ready to move on to the next chapter.
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    FIT or UNFIT

    @CMANN and @jonest28 did you both have go to a formal board? My formal board was Jan 29th but I haven't gotten the results back yet. I will still have to appeal the VA ratings because they screwed up a bunch of things.
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    Anyone got an idea?

    I started my case in April of 2018. C&P exam also in April. Received the Informal Board results and VA proposed ratings on Dec 7th. Requested a Formal PEB on Dec 21. Had the Formal Board on Jan 29th, and have not received the results yet. Once I receive them I'll be filing a VA...
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