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  • I like the pics of the bike you built. I am getting ready to buy a street glide and I have a 2003 1200C that I want to chop (more than it already is) If you don't mind me asking, what kind of frame is that? how much up and out? what is the rake? how much over is your front end?
    I am looking at a Paughco frame that has a 3" stretch in the backbone, 6" stretch in the downtubes, with a 40 degree rake. It requires a fork that is 42 inches or 15 over stock. Uses a 5 or 6 inch fender.
    I like the look of your bike and was wondering how it would compare with what I am looking at building. I am going to use a springer front end and I have a set of 16 inch gimp hangers on my bike that I am going to use.
    Thanks, Kevin
    Thank you for your post! I have no idea what the VA will say, I'm still fighting with the Army before I get out. I appreciate your assistance!
    I don't know how to post to this site yet... question:

    If a soldier is Refrad and sent to the Guard and they decide to do a MEB/PEB and determine that the soldier is "unfit for duty" and do a PEB determine 30% disabled, does the guard soldier receive any compensation at that point or do they have to wait until 60. (assume combat related such as PTSD)
    Hey man, saw your picture,and yes! i would by a used AK 47 from you 'wholesale" of course. Youre a Highway Patrolman? I'm a police officer in Houston. or was. i was told so many words i "have" to retire July 09 when i get the rest of my retirement points. to my dept,I'm ready to say BYE!! ater 25 years, getting kicked the the curb, How 'bout you?
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