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    Question about TAD/Terminal

    Nevermind. Figured it out.
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    Question about TAD/Terminal

    I am currently TAD to a HQ Co within the Regiment that my BN falls under. I was told yesterday by a friend that I cannot EAS/go on terminal if I am on TAD orders, and that I would have to have my TAD orders canceled, and be sent back to my BN in order to go on terminal. I go on Terminal next...
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    Finally, Preparation for Decision but also wondering..

    My new EAS posted at exactly 2 weeks to the day after signing my findings. Some take longer, some don't take as long. If your EAS is not favorable, you can call MMSR4 and have it changed. It is a small process, but not difficult. The number for MMSR4 is: 703-784-9308 My new EAS is March 30th...
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    Finally, Preparation for Decision but also wondering..

    I got my new EAS last week. I go on Terminal in 16 days.
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    Separation code question

    I got my separation orders, and on them it has my separation code as "JEA2". I'm trying to figure out what exactly that means in the grand scheme of my separation. Ratings were 10% DOD, 60% VA.
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    *Short Fuse* Weigh In when EAS

    Yeah, a history of BCP would be the only thing I could think of, but it's weird that it was S3. If they were to push an adsep package this close to EAS for medical conditions, ESPECIALLY if the medical condition inhibits one's ability to exercise...I would first do everything in my power to...
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    Lejeune Timeline

    It's 10 business days. So, not weekends, or holidays. Also, my ratings took 62 days from the time the PEB received them to me signing them. The QA phase is anyone's guess as to how long it could take. It could be 9 days, or it could be 9 weeks.
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    How long before getting ratings after it goes Historical.....

    I waited 62 days. People are going to tell you a million different timelines, and they are going to be all over the place. Just try to be patient.
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    *Short Fuse* Weigh In when EAS

    Why are they making you weigh in? Do you have a history of not making weight? I ask because outside of either a scheduled all hands weigh in, and the one you do when you do your final physical, I've never heard of anyone having to do a weigh in for an EAS just to do it. Did this happen when...
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    Timeline help, My family is depending on me

    10 months from the time I first entered the office, and started paperwork with IDES.
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    Help calculating severance.

    I was found unfit at 10% DOD for a knee injury. The VA also rated me at 10% for the same injury, but assigned a 60% combined rating. The injury was deemed "combat related" and "incurred in the line of duty" during a "simulation of war". This was in the US, not overseas. Questions: 1. Will my...
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    Timeline help, My family is depending on me

    Depends on the case, branch of service, and any problems that may come up. I started my board last May, and just got my findings back 2 days ago, so total time from MEB to findings has been about 8 months. Took about 2 months for the PEB to be accepted, another month to go to the VA, about 3...
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    Separation pay question

    What is the exact formula for calculating severance pay? Also, I am under the impression that severance is calculated a couple different ways with a couple different sets of criteria. 1. Regular severance is calculated at a minimum of 3 years (even if you have served less than 3 years) 2...
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