Mar 21, 1988 (Age: 32)


April 2012- First Knee Surgery, First LIMDU
October 2012- Second Knee Surgery
December 2012- Second LIMDU
Throughout 2012-2013- Multiple back injections
May 2, 2013- MEB Starts/Date of VA Claim
June 2013- C&P exams, Physcial, Audio, Mental
July 2013- Med Board exam, Physical
August 2013- Med Board exam, Mental
October 1, 2013- NARSUM singed, sent to PEB
October 7, 2013- PEB Declares Unifit, Sent to VA
October 8, 2013- VA Recieves Claim in Providence, RI
February 7,2013- Ebenefits changes to "PENDING DECISION APPROVAL"
March 5, 2014- Got my findings back 90% VA 80% DOD
March 6, 2014- Signed my Findings and waiting for the EAS (As you can tell I didn't waste any time)
March 24, 2014- Got a new EAS and retirement date of May 30, 2014



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