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    Last day tomo

    As Ron and Chaplin Charlie said do get all your medical records- if nothing else you might need them at some future point for the VA. I still have 2 boxes of stuff left over that I'm hanging onto. Remember you are dealing with the govt.
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    Going into IRR during MEB

    Are you in the Army (Reserves or NG?) then most likely they cannot send you to the IRR. It requires an approval process to transfer to the IRR and it has to be approved by the Chain of Command and have HRC Concurrence. Additionally since you started your MEB can't see anybody wanting to sign-off...
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    public law 97-253, 60/40 disability retirement.

    As a federal employee myself I would tell you to find an Attorney who specializes in Federal Employee issues. The law on federal employees is complex and to do a grade reduction like that it is quite possible that they failed to follow the law. In my experience with people who have worked for me...
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    Post-1 year separation

    You should check with a VSO because there is way if you are diagnosed within 1 year of leaving the military use can use the nexus because there is a presumption of service connection. There are specific rules on this but I have known a couple of people who have done this after they left the...
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    Army Reserve Medical Retirement?

    One question you might answer for yourself is if I start collecting now at age 46 I would collect for the next roughly 14 years (but with your deployments most likely could reduce to a lower age) so that would be a number crunch. Also don't know what your situation is outside of the reserves but...
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    Tricare Question for Guard Permanent Medical retirement

    Since you are going out with 40% DOD you would be eligible for Tricare based upon that finding. You will automatically get Tricare Standard at no cost for you and your family. Depending on where you live you can opt for Tricare prime. You have to pay a yearly fee but as a Medical Retiree you...
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    Physicians Meeting Hospital Credentials as Fit Finding?

    You should talk with Jason Perry about this. You might be in a unique situation but at the end of the day if your conditions are unfitting it doesn't matter what your MOS is.
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    Former Air National Guard Active Guard Reservist 15yrs AD time - non retained as AGR - Fit for duty non WWD

    Glad to hear that things are finally going in a positive direction for you
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    ch 61 question

    The main thing you need to do as mentioned above is make sure that your condition is one that would qualify you for a Chapter 61 Medical Retirement. Are you still in the Reserves? If so I would recommend one of two things. Do your PHA and bring in your documentation to see if you trigger a P3 in...
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    Officially Retired... Now What??

    Also make sure that you sign up for Tricare within the time limits after retirement so that you or your family (if that applies) have no gaps in coverage and you also need to sign up for Dental if you want to continue it. Enjoy your retirement!
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    Need Advice - Separate Normally, or extend for PEB?

    I would agree with Chaplain Charlie- there is no downside to your case. Even at 30% for Asthma which is the typical rating if you require daily medication you are looking at a Medical Retirement with all the benefits. You cannot underestimate the value of a lifetime of retirement benefits...
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    Formal PEB with appeal or Retirement

    It will come down to if your condition worsened while on Active Duty which can be in your favor. The key would be to show that the condition was worsened or aggravated while on Active Duty. That would come down to an MD saying this or having medical records supporting it that claim of decreased...
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    19 years 8 months and counting

    Time is in your favor in this case I would be surprised if they could even start a MEB ( based on my experience) in the time-frame you are looking at. You are in the driver's seat in this case you have a lot of good options and advice on this issue. I would recommend you sit back and decide what...
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    Knee injury, severed ACL.

    Did you get a VA rating for the initial injury to your knee? If you have a rating even a 0% which means the VA is recognizing the injury as service connected then you could look at getting a VA re-rating based on a worsened condition. If you didn't get a rating for it most likely not much you...
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    Retirement Orders

    I'll relate my recent experience. My retirement orders (Army) were dated for 24 OCT. So I made an appointment for the 24 OCT the DEERS office told me that they couldn't issue my retired ID because my orders were never entered in the system. After numerous calls I got the standard Army excuse So...
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