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    CRSC Issue related to PTSD being combat related.

    Damn. Note to self. Don't answer this stuff when your tired ;-)
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    CRSC Issue related to PTSD being combat related.

    And if it wasn't for the infantrymen fighting battles in the jungles of Vietnam I wouldn't have been in a supply depot in Hanoi when a box fell on my head . . . The law was written to give special compensation to people who sustained disabilities as the result of combat or simulation of combat...
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    If you can show you were medically disqualified for retention and were unfit for dury, yes. But...

    If you can show you were medically disqualified for retention and were unfit for dury, yes. But if you were still in training you were probably under procurement standards, not retention standards so it would be a hard sell
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    CRSC..worth a shot

    Then what was the hostile or belligerent force??
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    TDRL PTSD Review

    Fathawkdown is correct that PDRL is correct and the "L" stands for "List." The military rates you for the disabilities that prevent you from performing your duties. The concept is that you are compensated for the disabilities that terminate your career. The VA rates you for industrial and...
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    Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. That being said, it used to be that a suicide is not considered in line of duty unless the person was not mentally responsible for his or her actions, and nobody could actually commit suicide if they were mentally responsible. Military...
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    Infromation Please: Stress Fractures during Basic Training

    This doesn't make sense when you said your daughter is "active duty" and not reserve. We know she is on active duty for her training. But is she regular army or reserve/guard? Sounds to me like she is reserve/guard. They don't like spending training funds for a reservist/guardsman who is on...
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    Show Cause Board and MEB proceedings

    MEB/PEB takes precedence unless the separation can carry an UOTHC discharge.
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    CRSC question

    Yep. Provide the evidence and you get the CRSC.
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    CRSC question

    If you broke your back on a military parachute jump and have the documents to prove that, its eligible for CRSC. As for Gulf War Syndrome, it is from being in theater, not in combat so it would probably not be eligible for CRSC.
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    Combat Related Determination

    I agree with Floridainjuredincombat. Appeal the PEB findings. Get records from your former unit to show you were there when it was involved in an indirect fire attack in a combat zone. While your panic disorder may have made you more susceptible to PTSD, the combat attack is what triggered...
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    Combat Related????

    The original intent of CRSC was for people disabled while engaged in actual combat. Damn near Purple Heart stuff. Then it got expanded to people who were disabled while simulating war (doing the same thing as being engaged in combat but in an exercise scenario). Then it got expanded to...
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    Combat Related????

    Instrumentality of war is something unique to the military. I believe that police use bulletproof vests and they are sold to civilians as well.
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    Looking for advice with appeal

    They only refer conditions which prevent you from doing your duties. You said you were medically boarded 4 years ago. If you were found fit for certain conditions, they won't rate them unless you can show that they worsened to the point where they prevented you from doing your job.
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