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    Transpoc List

    Signed 199 24 July 17, hit transport today!
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    Fort Irwin

    Who did you send the ICE about and who did you submit it though? I was looking online but couldn't figure out which post in VA it needs to go through...
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    Fort Irwin

    I got the info from my peblo. They can see every time your case moves. My 199 was sent 24 July but was not accepted by the PDA analyst till 31 July...
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    Fort Irwin

    WTF!!!! Lucky! I'm still sitting in my office waiting! Good luck with your new adventure!
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    Transpoc List

    8557933372, but I don't think they are open today...
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    Transpoc List

    Possibly, after you sign your 199 it goes back to the PEB before it goes to the PDA. I'm not sure where your PEB is but there is only one PDA and is located in VA. After I signed my 199 it took 6 days to go from the PEB to PDA intake and has been in the same spot since 31 July. When I called the...
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    Double vision(Diplopia)

    I was able to look up most of my stuff at the following website. Maybe it will help you...
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    Letter of Release

    Anyone received their LOR recently? How long between your 199 and TRANSROC?
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    Transpoc List

    If anyone calls again, try to find out how many ppl are on the list, how many they complete a day (average) and how long the back log is. I tried asking but the guy I talked to was busy with something else and didn't have time to answer questions. I hate that the timeline says 10 day goal but I...
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    Shutting down for an update

    I second the Chaplain. Thank you
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    Transpoc List

    What did you tell them when you Called? Do you think it did any good or did you just happen to come down on transpoc?
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    VA Claim dropped from Pending Decision Approval to Under Review

    Same thing happened to me when the VA sent their proposed ratings to DOD. The "evidence" they need now is my DD 214 and then they will finalize everything. Good luck!
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    Fort Irwin

    PDA analyst received my packet on the 31st. I have been saying "Ill hit the list this week", for awhile now lol. The word on the street is they are starting to pick up and get things moving so hopefully it will be this week!!
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    Recent PDA Timeline

    My dashboard finally updated from PEB Appeal or VA Reconsideration to PDA Action & SecArmy Approval! Today!!! I'm so confused, I thought it only updated on Tues but I guess not. I happy to see movement however, my 199 was sent up 22 days ago. Maybe this will trigger the 10 day goal time and I...
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