Jan 17, 1988 (Age: 31)


10/18/18 - Notified of IRILO initiated by DAWG
11/14/18 - Commanders impact statement submitted - concur with do not retain
12/20/18 - IRILO came back with direction of full MEB
12/21/18 - Met with PEBLO and chose IDES instead of LDES
1/15/19 - Met with MSC and VA claim filed (16 total)
3/19/19 - Finally notified of VA appointments scheduled through QTC
3/22/19 - QTC appt for eyes
3/26/19 - QTC appt for hearing
3/27/19 - QTC appt for general (the rest of my claimed/meb items)
4/9/19 - QTC finally sent exams to VA and PEBLO was able to pull exams and forward to my PCM for review
4/15/19 - PCM returned NARSUM and cleared local board. Refer to IPEB. Unfit.
4/18/19 - 618 Signed and MyPers notification that MEB package received by AFPC
5/1/19 - eBennies changed from "Review of Evidence" to "Preparation for Decision"
5/21/19 - Another exam was requested by the rater for a condition I didn't claim...
5/31/19 - QTC notification of exam on June 4th.
6/4/19 - Flew back to PHX for a 15 minutes C&P exam
6/10/19 - eBennies status changed to "Pending Decision Approval"


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