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  • AD AF Timeline remote assignment
    19 May Return from treatment for PTSD/MDD/Anxiety
    23 May Referred to AFW2
    28 May DAWG (31)
    28 Jun Awarded 2AFSC 9W300
    14 Jul NARSUM signed
    18 Jul CC received CC letter
    26 Jul CC met w Provider
    6 Aug PEBLO submitted records to AFPC
    7 Aug 2AFSC changed to 9W200
    15 Aug Notified AFPC decision full MEB
    20 Aug Submitted AMTU req

    19 yrs 2 months Active Duty
    Oct 2019 AMTU Approved
    Nov 2019 arrived at AMTU
    Jan 2020 seen dr and places in treatment as all treatment protocols were done before MEB was initiated.
    May 2020 hit 20 yrs AD :)
    July 2020 filed claimed conditions with MSC
    12 Dec 2020 completed C&P exams
    22 Jan 2021 reviewed my NARSUM and addendum due to original being older than 6 months.
    26 Jan 21 package went up to IPEB
    9 Feb 21 received ratings DoD 70/VA 100 and TDRL
    10 Feb 21 began working with ODC for appeal to FPEB
    16 Feb 21 singed my 1180 stating I want to appeal
    17 Feb received my hearing date
    2 March 21 FPEB hearing virtual
    TBD FPEB decision
    TBD sign accepting decision/fill out form for number of leave days requesting + PTDY (CC already approved 20 days) + 10-15 out processing days.
    TBD documents submitted for order creation
    8 March ph appt with SS to file for SSDI(AD they expedited process)
    TBD work Med Hold process to extend DOS to allow for use of leave as needed
    TBD receive orders
    TBD Final Out Date
    TBD start PTDY/Terminal Lv (mid March/early April?)
    TBD retirement date (maybe 27 May/Jun)
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