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    VA Disability and Social Security This may be helpful fdm
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    VASRD 7346 I think
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    Anyone have any info on Concurrent Receipt for us less than 20 years folks?
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    VA disability for income tax question

    Item 4 provides the option to receive VA disability pay which will offset military disability retirement pay dollar for dollar. VA coordinates directly with DFAS and this will be shown as VA Waiver on monthly pay statement and is deducted from gross military pay pretax. You will receive a 1099-R...
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    VA disability for income tax question

    Disability compensation paid by the VA to people with service-connected disabilities is exempt from income tax.
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    Tax Question. Distribution code in block 7 of 1099-R

    This link may be helpful. Military Veteran & Retiree Income Tax Guide
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    is it worth it?

    asthairman, If you have any documentation or evidence that this condition is in your military records than you should file a new VA claim. The claim for VA 21-526 is available on the VA website. If the claim is accepted the timeines vary but it is not a quick process, 6 months not being...
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    V.A.Total & Permanent Disability

    Thanks Mike. And I think this is covered by 38 CFR Section 4.15 D
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    V.A.Total & Permanent Disability

    This is from the CFR. As in most case with the VA it is unclear at best. I have personally opted out of a local government zoning board commission ( an unpaid appointment) after receivng 100% TDIU because I had no desire to provide the VA an opportunity to revisit the rating. It is in my mind...
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    To all who read this......

    May this season bring peace, happiness, health and healing to the 14,000+ members of this forum. A special thanks to Jason for his dedication to this forum and blessings to all who contribute their experiences and advice. If this forum has helped just one service member then it has been a...
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    To all who read this......

    I am thankful for all my blessings and especially for the good work and deeds of this forum. Thanksgiving greetins to all. Denny
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    Jason? Do we have a new Perry Yet?

    Wonderful news Jason! Best wishes and many blessings to you all. Denny
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    documentation for TDRL

    When I had my re-evals I received a letter from the Medical staff at Moncrief Hospital FT Jackson detailing time, place, POC and what/where to send documents. I also had documents which I hand carried the day of the eval. This letter was received about 90 days in advance and orders were...
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    Tib/Fib fractures, ACL tear, chronic arthritis

    What is your range of motion? This is probably the most critical factor in rating fractures. I think the DOD rating is grossly inadequate unless you have complete range of motion, which seems highly unlikely with all the hardware in your leg. Do you have any nerve damage? Your gait can be a...
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    PEB FORUM is four years old!

    Kudos to Jason. He has invested countless hours, resources and effort to this forum. Thanks Jason. Denny
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