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  • EPR and being in MEB process...when to stop worrying about bullets?! My leadership is still having me complete an EPR due in Jan si Che we do t know when I’ll be out, but I will definitely be out within the next 8 months. Advice is requested!
    Diagnosed by PCM- 26Feb19
    Reviewed by DAWG- 9Apr19
    Contact made with PEBLO and IRILO questionnaire returned-18Apr19
    Commanders Impact statement signed and returned-9May19
    Case submitted to AFPC- 10May19
    AFPC directs full MEB- 11Jun19
    Met with PEBLO to go over MEB specifics- 11Jun19
    Met with MSC coordinator to claim conditions- 12Jun19
    VA C&P exams- 24Jun19 until 18July19
    PEBLO received VA exams- 6Aug19
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