PO2- 6yrs

April 2015- diagnosed Stage 3 Abdominal Cancer
April 2016- Officially cancer free but nerve damage from treatment
July 2016- will complete 2nd Limdu status and be put up for MEB

Nerve damage to hands- i either have no feeling in hands, or a lot of pain.

Nerve damage to legs and feet- pain from knees down, can't feel my feet or a lot of pain. can't even drive a car.

I love the navy but I'm not able to work to earn my paycheck, Navy shipmates helping out but not worth them missing work to help me, I think its better for me to get medical retirement and go live close to family and try to get back on my feet and go back to school if i can manage with my hands. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I feel like i am just going to sit around for another year wasting my time and the navy's time and money.
Jan 20, 1985 (Age: 35)


Apr 06 2015- Diagnosed with cancer
Jul 12 2015- 1st Limdu for surgery
Jan 12 2016- 2nd Limdu for treatment
Jun 24 2016- MEB Triggered provided with NMA to be filled out.
Jul 13 2016- Conference call with PEBLO Office
Jul 19 2016- MEB Briefing and First meeting with PEBLO
Aug 26 2016- Met VA MSC coordinator, 25 claims
Aug 30 2016- Registered with EBenefits, States "Gathering Of Evidence"
Aug 30 2016- C&P Exams scheduled 9/12-9/24
Sep 24 2016- C&P Exams completed
Oct 17 2016- Signed NARSUM and submitted to PEB
Nov 07 2016- Given No Cost TAD orders to be with family while waiting for PEB to finish (Navy Rocks)
Dec 04 2016- New EBenefits claim submitted
Dec 12 2016- New EBenefits claim closed says "Decision Notification Sent"
Dec 28 2016- Ratings in and need to sign and accept 70/100 TDRL
Jan 04 2017- Met with legal to review and accept findings, picked 3/30 as retirement date. Waiting on orders to see what I get!



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