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    Last pay/DFAS issue

    Hello, I just recently medically retired from the Marine Corps nov 29th and I had a issue with my pay. I called DFAS earlier and they said they haven't received anything about me yet and that my there supposed to recieve it within 60 days!!!! And also I have yet to recieve my last paycheck. I...
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    My Overseas PEB timeline

    What branch are you in? i just signed my paperwork and im waitin the 90 days to leave here from okinawa and i was wondering if all the branches had similiar wait times for orders.
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    IDES overseas question,help

    i would but im in japan so its hard to make calls
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    My Overseas PEB timeline

    Did they let you pick where you wanted to go through the IDES process at?
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    IDES overseas question,help

    For Marines stationed in Okinawa whats the average timeline once DC approves your refferal to IDES to recieve and excecute PCS orders back stateside? Also i was told you could pick between Pendleton,Quantico or they really let you pick? Thank You, any info would be very much...
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    20010-2011 Navy Timeline

    hahaha swowannabe....thats navy for ya if it was the Marine Corps and a master sergeant told a 1stLT somethin that 1st LT better get on it cause that mssgt prob has 20 years and that pog boot LT probably has never even deployed lol
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    IDES okinawa question

    Hey, I got diagnosed with Bipolar 1 and mre depressed.Im wating on my NMA letter and my PEBLO is gonna send my package to D.C. He said if its approved ill either be med sep'd, found fit or be sent to some "IDES" place in Pendleton, Lejuene or quantico, my choice. Im not sure whats goin on though...
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