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    Driving home from drill, car accident, is that considered on duty for an LOD?

    Have a question for a Soldier. They were injured in a car accident driving home from a weekend drill status. Is their injury considered to be On Duty Status for the purposes of an LOD? Providing of course they were sober, and not driving in a negligent manner. Any idea where that would be shown...
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    C&P Exam has my ROM wrong!

    How about give up on the Chiropractor and seek out a full fledged doctor. If not, then you are stuck.
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    C&P Exam has my ROM wrong!

    Are you still in the military? If so, the MILITARY not the VA has responsibility for your care. The day you are discharged the VA takes over, till then you should not need a VA referral for squat. If you're talking about getting a DBQ filled out, take it OUTSIDE of the military system to a...
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    new to all of this...need help

    I apologize for the slow reply, I just saw this post tonight. If they're telling you to try therapy, that may be your best course, simply because if you don't' give it a shot, they might use your refusal to the treatment recommended as ammo against you. That said, don't be afraid to go back and...
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    The DBQ saved my bacon, I'm not sure if a Chiropractor holds the same weight as an Orthopedic Surgeon or even a General Practitioner, that might be something to consider. I'd also suggest you get the doctor to give you back a HARD COPY of the DBQ rather than electronically file directly to the...
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    VA Individual Unemployability after being determined "permanently unemployable" by VA Voc-Rehab?

    UPDATE; got ahold of the local VSO, set up an appointment to see her. Still looking for any input from the forum if possible, thank you.
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    VA Individual Unemployability after being determined "permanently unemployable" by VA Voc-Rehab?

    Anyone who’s gone through or has input about VA Individual Unemployability? A brief history… Given VA C&P exams in 2014, even though I have a LOT of pain and limitations due to a lumbar spinal injury and radiculopathy in both legs the VA Examiner wrote “no pain, no limitations, full range of...
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    Army Timeline CRSC

    For the SA of others... got my first check 1 March, for a single month's worth. If they hold to RonG's experience, I hopefully will get the backpay in the next month or two. What a relief to finally have this battle over and won, now on to others... got an ABCMR claim in the system now for VA...
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    Army Timeline CRSC

    Anyone have an idea of how long it usually takes (their experience) from the time the Army Board approves CRSC and DFAS cuts the first check, and is that check for the backpay owed as well as the monthly benefit from then on? Thanks,
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    Army Timeline CRSC

    After serving your country with honor, then being forced to wait forever, fight like hell, and even beg at times just to get the benefits due is MENTALLY DRAINING. I'm sure it sends more than one Veteran into a downward spiral. It's beyond deployable that our country systematically does this to...
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    Army Timeline CRSC

    Just got approved for CRSC at 70%, it was a long road... Medically Retired from the Army in the summer of 2015 Put in my CRSC claim in the fall of 2017 Checked with them in the spring of 2018, they told me they had a "computer crash" and had "lost a lot of claims", had me resubmit directly to...
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    national guard discharge

    Did you find out anything? Good news I hope.
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    Are/Were you due INCAP pay?

    When the service just flat out refuses to follow the regs, file an IG complaint (to check that box), then after giving them an appropriate amount of time (a few weeks) to let the IG run it's course (unless it turns to your favor) file a claim with the military board of corrections for your...
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    Run around and forced to travel...

    Went to my local PCM to change my medications around as the Butrans patches I was on were making me puke for days on end and leaving rashes so bad they would scar the skin. Asked him for a referral to get a consult regarding a Spinal Stimulator trail, and at the time of the appointment we...
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    New to PEBF

    Thanks for the FYI. The same Law applies to all branches, and that's what outlines full active duty pay and benefits. In AFI 36-2910, ref. 6.2.1 and 6.2.3 which state those unable to perform military duties are entitled to full pay and allowances but that pay shall not exceed that of a RegAF...
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