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    TDRL Re-evaluation Timeline

    My re-eval was in August 2020. It took me a week after my phone appointment to get the NARSUM from the PEBLO. The 199 was sent a week later. PDRL orders 6 days after I sent the signed 199 back in to the PEBLO.
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    Officer voluntary resignation pending -> MED Board

    And to add to this, I actually did withdraw my voluntary resignation to seek treatment (at the urging of my former flight surgeon) and then ended up with an MEB after about a year of treatment. It has meant the difference between just getting VA compensation and maybe CRSC to getting the...
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    Officer voluntary resignation pending -> MED Board

    Since your resignation request was voluntary, request to withdraw it through your Human Resources manager (directly with HRC branch if you are Army). Get your MEB started as soon as you can. Generally you will not be PCSed while awaiting a MEB.
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    It says it's a retroactive statement in the "Remarks" at the bottom of his statement.
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    IMR Rebuttal

    Did you seek your advice if the legal counsel provided by your service.? You don’t have to agree with them, but trying to represent yourself normally does not turn out well.
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    Today, findings of PEB going from TDRL 70% to PDRL 50% My VA rating was 90% have VA re eval this week

    Have you had your DOD revaluation looked at by the free legal office provided by your service if you have noted incorrect statements in it?
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    CPAP & Sleep Apnea

    Sleep Apnea is not going to be a condition that the MEB/PEB will consider for fitness. Like chaplaincharlie said, talk to your PCM for a sleep study. You can probably show the PCM your DBQ from QTC to justify asking him to conduct one, but don't force the DBQ down your PCMs throat. QTC is a...
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    Will my rating decrease while on TDRL if condition improves?

    -just to state in my situation, I was working full time during my DOD reevaluation, but did have new medical problems show up since I started working. This helped show I was having trouble adapting to normal life. So if any of your other medical problems have gotten worse, be sure to include...
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    QTC Re-evaluation results

    Here is what the Army regulation AR 635–40 says on page 29 relating to TDRL re-evaluation: (2) Review of medical documentation prior to re-evaluation. (a) No later than 16 months after temporarily retiring a Soldier for disability or after the Soldier’s previous re-evaluation, USAPDA will obtain...
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    Sheppard AFB Peblo Problems

    Look at it this way, your 36 month pay average has increased for separation/retirement pay because of his ineptness. Sorry your MEB has been delayed so long. Good luck to you.
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    Pilot/Factor V Leiden

    When you hit 20 years, you automatically get 50% minimum no matter what the MEB says. The MEB can say 0%, you get your 50% from the Army, BUT that 0% could be what the VA rates you for that condition as well. It’s worth it to push hard for the most you can get for a condition (60% in this...
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    Pilot/Factor V Leiden

    You should/will be over 20 years when the MEB is complete, so you are good for PDRL and CRDP. Hopefully you put all your other physical issues down during your flight physicals and have been seen for them. It helps with the VA to be able to point to an issue and say “it’s been there for X...
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    TDRL Re-evaluation Time - Options

    It is your call if you trust your civilian provider to conduct the exam (fill out paperwork) vs. the MTF. Advantages/disadvantages to both. Your provider might not have the experience to correctly phrase things the way the AF wants them to justify a specific rating and/or keep you unfit for...
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    Hearing ratings

    Your puretone threshold average is 32.5 for both ears. That puts you in the 0-41 column in Table VI. You should have a Maryland Speech Discrimination Score also (it should be a % in each ear) on your C&P exam. that will give you the percentage for the % of discrimination rows on Table VI. Cross...
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    IPEB Vote? An excerpt from this document talks about the composition of the Army PEB board members: The PEB, composed of a field grade president and personnel management officer and medical member, initially...
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