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    Captain with 10 years offered med board for MDD

    I cannot comment on what your percentages will be, but I can tell you sticking it out will most likely make your symptoms worse and have more detrimental effects on your life. I say this from not only my own personal experience, but also from the words of my friend’s widow. He tried to hold out...
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    Army COVID Vaccination Exemption Process Flowchart

    I know things take a while to flow down to soldier level, so here is the Army COVID flowchart for religious and medical exemptions. Just putting this out there for information purposes, not here to debate anything.
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    Here is the contact info for the Navy Judge Advocate General if your grandson has questions about the process and/or needs legal assistance. Just select the state he is stationed in and it will provide a contact number.
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    Yep, I was wrong and totally missed missed the that the memo was for the PEB president. My bad… Says the PEB can conduct an informal board without the medical officer. But it doesn’t say for a formal board, which by I assume Navy regulation has to have a medical officer on. Sounds like the Navy...
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    Oh it is an option, as my mother who was a English teacher said, "read and understand the words that are on the page."..there are many sentences that included the word "You" which means the legal responsibly falls on the officer "YOU" to ensure that all the legal checks are followed and if not...
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    Basically the memo says “I know more than a medical officer (MD, DO, PsyD, PhD, DPM, PA, APRN-“numerous abbreviations” and I waive a review by them. It includes any licensed medical provider. ANY ONE! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!!
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    “It’s a trap!” View:
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    PEB unfit for duty

    After you get your ratings and the PEB signs off on your DA 199 (if Army) and your agree with it and sign it, then your retirement (DOD 30% or above) /separation (DOD 20% or below) orders will be processed by your current/nearest IMCOM (Garrison) Military Personnel Division (MPD) and then you...
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    PEB unfit for duty

    You normally can start out processing when you receive your retirement/separation orders because the orders will have your NLT retirement/separation date (90 days).
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    PEB unfit for duty

    If your profile states any limitation, like “requires 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep within a 24 hour period”, then no, you cannot do a 24 hour staff duty, but you can possibly be required to do a 16 hour staff duty. Your profile is what really tells the command what they can and cannot do...
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    Will CRSC consider injuries based of repetitive impacts or only injuries with notes for a specific incident?

    At 24 years of AD your CRDP pay at VA 100% P&T should be more than any amount of CRDP will be from the Army. Not an expert, but that is my understanding (opinion) of how CRDP vs CRSC works.
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    IDES TDRL No information

    As far as the attorney is concerned, you can always use the OSC attorney for free and if you don’t agree with their advice (if the revaluation decision comes out worse than you expected), you can always hire another attorney. Attorneys are there to give you their expert advice, but you are not...
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    IDES TDRL No information

    Make sure the PEBLO has any medical records and the decision letter that awarded you the 100% for the condition that is being reevaluated. The PEB may rate you the same as the VA based on the VA’s evaluation. I had a phone appointment with the provider. I think it helped because I had made...
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    QTC Re-evaluation results

    I sent you a PM.
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    19 Year SM looking for advice.

    Vet Center records are not released to DoD or the VA unless you request that they be released. It’s a free option and great place to receive help. I paid out of pocket for private practice help until…wait for it…a MSG in our S3 shop told me about the Vet Center. He was also MEBing and...