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    Well I sure hope this is the case. Either that or they just haven't worked my stuff yet. They received on 8MAR17 Last email I have from 25JAN18 states that my case was in record collection. No telling how long it was there or where it is at in the process now. After looking at the cases that...
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    PDBR Online Case Docket Updates? How often?

    Well hopefully no news is good news for me. My timeline is as follows: I sent my documents off 2/18/17 PDBR confirmed receipt on 8 March 2017. I can see they are going in no specific order with anything as my docket number has been passed over currently im 2017-03XXX and they have went before me...
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    Need help

    Well would you look at this!... been sending emails since March 17th of 2016 and i finally got a response my only question now is they say that the PDBR reading room is no longer maintained but yet it had updates to it on 12/11/17 anyone know where else they would post the results when...
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    Need help

    I'm now on my 6th request with the above e-mail and not a single response nothing in my junk spam or anywhere else...i dont know what to do or who to contact at this point to get this figured out...
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    We just need some help..

    Ultra...what if we never received a docket number and we sent our stuff off 12 months ago have received no letter and or any other correspondence and don’t even know if they have our packet and we have sent 5 emails and received no response at all how exactly are we supposed to proceed then...
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    Need help

    So no one has a response to this?
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    Need help

    Hello- I sent all my stuff to the PDRB March of 2016 in a nice packet. I have since emailed and called the DSN number multiple times and have not received any response to aknowledge they have the packet what my number is there any valid way to get in contact with these people to...
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