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  • I can, although I'm not in a position to scan and send the information that you are asking for. I'll be back in town in couple of days and will be able to do so at that time. I can tell you that the documents that I sent to DFAS were:

    - DA Form 199
    - DD214
    - Paperwork/ Instructions form PEBLO directing me on how, what, where, and who to send the above mentioned paperwork to.

    Again, I will PM you when I get home and get you what you need. I hope this will work for you.

    Franky, I was interested that you can recoup the taxes paid on severance pay. My disability is being withheld until my separation pay is paid back. You said in your 8-26-2010 post you have a copy of the paperwork form your PEBLO gave you. Would you be able to get that to me? Any info would be helpful. I'm looking at almost 20k in taxes. Thank you for your time. Tony Eslick
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