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  • Med Boarded for Bipolar 1 Disorder. I am waiting to be found fit or unfit. The timeline of events are as follows:
    15 Jul 18 diagnosed with bipolar 1
    18 Oct 18 submitted for Med board
    7 Jan 19 completed C&P exams
    21 Feb 19 submitted to PEB for determination
    Isn't bi.polar a ore.exciting condition? You either ALWAYS had it or you don't have it. Why would the va pay for this?
    It can be caused by changes in the brain (which doesn't mean that they had it before they joined) Or it can be genetic.
    Has anyone been found fit for full duty with bipolar 1 disorder?
    I have been in the Navy for 22 years. I was only diagnosed with this condition last year. I can promise you that I am not one of those younger people trying to collect a paycheck. I am using this forum for what it was meant to be used for, a place to get answers to questions I have.
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