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    DDD Thoracic and Lumbar

    I'm not sure if this is the answer you were looking for but, the Lumbar and Thoracic spine are rated together and given one rating.
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    “Lethality” Memo

    4.2. RETENTION DETERMINATION. a. The Secretaries of the Military Departments may retain Service members who are nondeployable in excess of 12 consecutive months, on a case-by-case basis, if determined to be in the best interest of the Service, based on: (1) The Service member’s ability to...
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    “Lethality” Memo Same guidance that was posted on thsi forum. If you read into it, it's a lot less stringent than what was in the SECDEF memo. If basically gives the branches the lattitude to...
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    “Lethality” Memo

    Every situation is different I'm sure, but my MEB never made it past the SG. I was given a RTD and coded non-deployable indefinetly. I figured with the SACAF memo they would probably be directed to send me packin' but it didn't happen. There is DODI guidance that's pretty recent that seems to...
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    Questions on IDES process - no current LOD

    Good luck to them trying to rate it “non duty related” when you have a VA disability rating for it already. This seems like a common theme on the guard/reserve side.
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    If my IDES claim was submitted November 1, will I receive back pay starting from that date?

    The folks that already reaponded to you in your last post already gave you that info. You cant collect active duty pay and disability for the same period.
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    Navy reservist, 80% VA rating returned, sent to "MRR", now what?

    Provider would refer you to the dog, DAWG initiates MEB process. Not surprised the VA would act that way. LOD/MEDCON orders might be the way to go. I personally would not come out of pocket for anything they want.
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    Navy reservist, 80% VA rating returned, sent to "MRR", now what?

    Have made the same transition he has and in somewhat of the same situation (AD literally lost MRI reports that should have probably initiated MEB over 10 years ago), the AFRES side won’t get much of a say. Even beibg AFRES currently, my package is headed to the active duty side of the house for...
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    Navy reservist, 80% VA rating returned, sent to "MRR", now what?

    If you are found unfit by the board, you would either be seperated or medically retired depending on the percentage, the request to go IRR will essentially be null and void. There are two avenues I would personally take concerning the medical documentation. Ask the VA to be seen through the...
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    Navy reservist, 80% VA rating returned, sent to "MRR", now what?

    #2 is not really the case. VA disability is prorated per day. You still receive drilling/mil pay also, you just can’t receive both on the same day. You do not have to elect one or the other. No risk to your VA rating. If a disability or more than onedisability rated unfit by the MEB board is...
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    Grey Are retiree and the Med Board

    No. Also kind of lame in my personal opinion that you would attempt to want to play the system to be medically retired AFTER the fact you have already applied for and were granted reserve retirement. You chose to leave and are being compensated for claimed disability through the VA, don’t try...
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    22 Year Retirement vs MEB retirement

    Your potential retirement percentage that determines what your retirement payments are could be higher depending upon what you are found unfit for? That’s the only real difference I can think of.
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    23 Years Guard service, on ADOS orders with LOD's....medical retirement?

    There is a 15 year option that if you are found unfit for a medical condition, you can opt for retirement over being medically seperated with severance if your conditions found unfit total less than 30%. I’ve read about it and know it is real, I just personnally don’t know the process for...
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    national guard discharge

    Yes. If you are in fact “retired” medically from service, you are eligible to apply for CRSC if the conditions are the result of combat. Doesn’t matter if you were full time or part time, if you were on active orders when the injuries occured, you are considered elidgeable.
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    national guard discharge

    Then you can apply for CRSC. The application process is on the DFAS. website.
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