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    Little help with CRSC

    So I have been retired PDRL effective 11/29/2013 I am now putting in for CRSC I am a NG soldier. I have 23 years of service. 6 Years 10 months and 22 days of active duty time (LOS) My VA rating and DOD rating is 80 percent. My retirement is 75% of my 3 highest years. $2260 My VA...
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    Received 199 today

    Got my results today. 80 percent PDRL. My question is crsc, does my 199 have something specific on it for me to file for this, plus how can you determine what you will receive for crsc?
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    Waiting on VA ratings, little confused

    Thanks for the info. I know the requested for rating by the PEB was sent to seattle. Does anyone know how backed up they are in the seattle office????
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    Waiting on VA ratings, little confused

    PEB sent memo to VA requesting rating on 7 unfitting conditions. I am already rated at 80 percent by the VA. I have a 50 percent rating by the VA for PTSD. The PEB found this condition unfitting. I was able to find out through my doctor that did my NARSUM the VA put down I had Adjustment...
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    Went to demotion board for the guards today. Was demoted for being AWOL last March. It is what it is I guess. My attorney doesnt think the board really new what they were doing. I will pass no blame but my selfish self for missing drill. My question is I go to the MEB Board in a week. How...
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    US Army DES Pilot at Fort Hood

    US Army DES Pilot at Fort Hood: Updated 1/06/2011 What did the PEB find you unfit for. I go in 2 weeks to MEB. My peblo told me I will know if about 6 weeks what I am unfit for. The VA is taking about 6 months to send a rating.
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    GI Bill Transfer

    Well the two emails I got back were use less. Just told me to get a hold of my education officer. No Duh, why set up and email place for questions when you cant answer. Anyways talked to some other people, NGB education people. Sent them my MMRB paperwork that I was referred to a MEB, plus...
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    GI Bill Transfer

    I emailed them on Wed, How long does it take to get a reply.
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    GI Bill Transfer

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    GI Bill Transfer

    Attempted to transfer my GI bill to my daughter. Was told I would need to extend until June 2010. My enlistment ends July 2011. The problem is I cant extend. My file has been sent to the active duty post for my MEB. It is taking about a year for the process, but there will be no way for me...
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    GI Bill National Guard

    I was just wondering if they came out with something for the guard. I dont have 10 years active. Not a chance either now that I am going through MEB.
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    GI Bill National Guard

    I have 3 years active duy time after 9/11, So I meet the qualifications. I have been referred to a MEB. My question is how does a M day soldier transfer benefits to dependents.
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    GI Bill?

    I was told today, If you have a least 30 days of active duty time and then get medically discharged you recieve 100 percent of the benefit. This would also include being able to transfer the benefit. I asked these question specifically to the rep. You can file to transfer you benefits after...
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    Army Guard continues search for those eligible for earned pay

    So does this count if your deployment was longer than 12 months
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